Saturday, February 12, 2011

Because my last post didn't have any pictures,
I thought I would share one of my very favorites...

Hope it brings a smile to your face like it does mine!

I am so mad at myself! We went to St George Wed-Fri(Trav had a conference and I went down and watched my friends (3) kids while she was at Primary Children’s with her youngest) and you will never believe what I did…. I forgot my CAMERA!!!!!! So unfortunately you don’t get to see any of the fun we had :(
St George was BEAUTIFUL even though it was in the low 60’S if felt GREAT to us (when we left it was 10*) Tyler and I had fun playing with my friends kids ages 10, 6, and 3. We went to the park, some PTA thing where they gave the kids cotton candy and they got to make their very own valentines and play games, we did a little shopping, and I even got to go with Trav to his banquet dinner, so I would say the trip was a success.
Brayden stayed home with Grandma and did a wonderful job taking care of her! I am not going to lie' I was scared to death to leave him home with her, but he assured me at least a million times he would be fine. ( he didn’t or couldn’t miss school so he just wanted to stay home. I offered to have someone come and stay with Grandma but he thought that would be weird) I only cried for a few min when it was time to leave and what is even more impressive is I only called 4 maybe 5 times a day! I know good for me not being too paranoid!
Unfortunately when we got home (to freezing temps) Tyler came down with pink eye and is getting a cold, there is week’s worth of laundry( how that happens when we were only gone for a few days I will never know) and this nasty cold I have had is not happy with all the weather/elevation changes that has taken place this week.
On the Bright side, I came home to a fairly clean house, a happy Brayden and Grandma, and I got to spend time with some great kids.

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's cookie time!!!!

Is there any better time of year than Girl Scout cookie time?
I think NOT!!!!
(for 2 reasons, one the cookies... duh and 2 it is almost spring!)

I have ordered an undisclosed amount of these ...which I plan on eating ALL BY MYSELF!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I can't believe it has already been a year.... and some days I can't believe it has ONLY been a year.