Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandma has 2 blood clots in her lungs. It will be 2 to 3 days of blood-thinners for her.... Poor Grandma!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Here is the quick update :
We went to spend Christmas at Grandma's, but it ended up being much more eventful then I had hoped! Christmas Eve was a rough night, she (we) didn't sleep at ALL, because she was having a hard time breathing :( By the next afternoon she started getting a fever and her chest was hurting.
Christmas night was another rough one so, the next day we took her to the hospital where they said her pneumonia had come back, so she is back in the hospital.
I hope they can get rid of ALL of it this time.
For now; we are home and we got to have our Christmas tonight, the kids were so good about putting it off a few days for Grandma.... now that is LOVE!!!!!
I will keep you posted on how she is doing, thanks for all the prayers.
Now as for me.......I am off to bed, before I end up in the hospital :)
Good night!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here are some quick updates; sorry I am such a SLACKER!!

She came home on Wed; and is in need of constant help for a while, so if anyone can help that would be great!!! Other than that she is feeling, looking, and eating better. Thanks for all of your prayers.

House: Nothing has really changed on the outside so, that is why there have been no new pictures. However; they have all of the plumbing, heating and air, and most of the electric done. They are hoping to have our 4- way inspection on Tues. They poured our basement stairs and our porch cap, and our windows finally came, so they are going to put them in tomorrow. On Monday the Central Vac people are coming to put that in. (Hooray, because I think my Dyson is going out) Well, we are slowly getting there. Our builder has been fantastic and really on top of things, let’s just hope he can keep it up!

Kids: We have had some sick kids, (SAD) but I think we are all on the mend. Now I just hope we can stay healthy through the holidays. We finally found our tree and the kids decorated it all by themselves. We have also done some fun cooking: We made rice crispy houses, (they turned out cute) homemade cinnamon rolls. (Heavenly) Tyler’s “famous” Chex mix (she makes it all by herself, and adds tons of yummy stuff) she thinks she is the bomb.
I will try to be better about keeping everyone updated.
Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grandma update: I talked to her right before she went to bed and she said she “thinks” she has had her last antibiotic drip. Good news, because that darn IV has been bothering her! Now if she can just get rid of the oxygen thing in her nose….
She “thought” the Dr. said she could go home Fri or Sat, but when I talked to her tonight, she said doesn’t think she feels ready. I am VERY proud of her for admitting it, and I think a few more days might help her too.
She was kind of bummed because they took the cords for her electric blanket away, (that is like taking her birthday away, or worse)but they did let her keep her blanket.
She is too funny.

Grandma and her best friend Martha
Trav putting lotion on Grandma's hands
They are soooo dry??? meds maybe??

Tyler checking Grandma's IV,
she was VERY concerned!

She is looking better :)

This is her IV , see why it will be nice to have that taken out!!
Take note of the bracelets... They caused lots of tears at our house.
One says fall risk,which Tyler said was rude! She felt like it is rude for them to let EVERYone know Grandma some times falls.
And the other is a DNR.... Which we explained to the kids what that meant (yes Grandma was there to help explain) and Brayden lost it. Poor kid, but after a long talk he seemed to be better. It wasn't until later he told us he thought They (the nurses there) put it on Grandma ,and thought she didn't have a say. Now that he knows that she does and the reasons why, he understands.
Some times it is hard growing up!!!!

Thanks for everyone who has prayed for and helped her at this time, I know she really appreciates it. I know I sure do!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Grandma update:
I just go off the phone with grandma’s nurse and she said grandma does have a touch of pneumonia. Her nurse said she will probably be in the hospital a few more days. On the up side I talked to grandma tonight and she sounded much better! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Grandma...

Grandma Ina Mae has a SEVERE kidney infection, and was dehydrated. So Fri late afternoon she was admitted to the ICU!
On Sunday she was able to be moved to a regular room,
but her kidney infection is still very bad and is making her rather uncomfortable.
POOR grandma.
She has been a very good sport with all of the tests, and poking and prodding they have done.
The kids couldn't see her for the first few days (because there is a rule no kids under 14 years old allowed, talk about chapping someones hide... Tyler and Grandma were not happy )
But, I guess grandma convinced the nurse and right before we had to go home. (to Heber) Because, she let them come give Grandma some much needed hugs and kisses! Who needed them more? I don't know, both sides seemed to feel MUCH better after :)
This is the best Grandma has looked all weekend!!
She said she missed her little loves.
And her "little loves" were worried sick about her.
Here she is showing the kids all of her battle wounds....
Tyler was fascinated, but Brayden about threw up!! He hates hospitals :)

She seems to be doing a little better, but they did tell her she is going to have to go to a "rehabilitation" center. (aka nursing home) for a few weeks (ish) she was NOT happy and doesn't want to go, but she knows she can't take care of her self right now :(
So PLEASE Pray that she can get the strength back so she can go home soon!!!
Until then....... REHABILITATION CENTER HERE WE (all) COME!!!!!!

Thanks to all of our family, friends, co workers, ward members old and new for all of your help!!!!
It is greatly appreciated!

House update

This week has been another busy week!!
Hooray for awesome framers!! They have gotten the roof on and sheeted ...
The bonus room and stairs in ....

and the felt on the roof :)
so if it snowed it won't get in the house.
Next week we will get the windows in and the shingles on, and then it should be dried in :)
We have been so blessed! We again didn't get anything more then just a flurry!!
The last picture was taken today :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a diffrence 3 days make....

Lots of progress was made at the beginning of this week...HOORAY!!!!
The framers have taken the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving.
All of the interior and exterior walls are up; now we are just waiting on the trusses.
They will be delivered Mon. and set on Tues :)

Looks kind of short with no roof , next week :)
This is the view from the front of our house.... pretty huh?!?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grandma's Birthday Party

We had a great afternoon with family and friends! Thanks to everyone who took the time to come wish her a Happy Birthday!

House up date for this week...

Well we started framing this week. Yeah!!!! We got this far..... But, the good news is they will be back on Monday, ready to work (I hope)
The whole main floor is sheeted, and the garage walls are up :)

The basement is framed, it is just too bad the stairs were put in wrong :(
Oh, well they are going to fix them as soon as the house is dried in!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday weekend...

This year we went to Idaho for my Birthday, It was so much fun spending it with my silly sisters! (it has been since our mom died; that we have gotten to spend a birthday with all 3 of us)
Here we are Bri's B-day was on Thurs, and mine was on Sat.All the girls went to lunch and then shopping,
while the boys enjoyed a movie :)

Here is everyone that was there to party!
Actually after the girls went shopping, and the boys movie.
My wonderful sisters took my kids so Trav and I could go to dinner.
It was a GREAT DAY!!
Thank you sisters and Bro in law


This weekend Liberty was also dedicated!!
We found Tyler and Liberty matching dresses. (on our shopping trip)
They are both so precious!!!
I just love these girls!
What a Beautiful baby!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The house this week.....

The progress made this week was good!!!
We got our hole dug...
Since the sewer ended up being only 5 1/2 ft deep. We
(after MUCH thought and research) decided to NOT put in a pump and to still go with the 9 ft basement walls.
Here is to hopin' it all works out :)
Our beautiful footings...

The foundation with the frames still on
The kids playing in the basement after the frames had been stripped off
This is facing south.

Tomorrow they will damp proof it and put the window wells on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year Tyler was a cave girl and Brayden was a ZOMBIE....
Grandma Ina Mae and her "little loves"
The kids meet up with old friends
to do a little trick or treating in the old neighborhood!

Here are the pumpkins the kids made all by themselves.
I can tell my kids are growing up... this year Brayden had a hard time deciding if he was even going to dress up! (I guess he is getting to that age) When I saw what he finally decided to be I had my doubts ,but when he meet up with all of his "buddies" they all looked the same :)
He is getting to be so social it is kind of fun to watch ,but also very sad.
Tyler on the other hand; still likes her mom and dad to go with her... HOORAY for a few more years!!!
We have decided to go with the 9 ft basement!! They are putting the foundation walls up today and pouring them tomorrow :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Problem #1

15 Minutes into digging our hole we ran into our first problem!!! (Gotta love building)The sewer is only 5 ½ feet deep, what does this mean you ask???… Well it means that our foundation will be sticking out of the ground about 4 ½ feet if we go with the 9 ft basement that we had planed!!! So, what do you think; should we still go with the 9 ft basement or change it to 8 ft???? We have until tomorrow night to decide… hmmmm what to do, what to do??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some of you have been wondering just what it is we do up here! Thankfully we have settled into a nice schedule. (I love having a schedule!!!) And it goes something like this:
Monday... Is my cleaning day! The only day of the week that I really clean, Trav usually has a lunch meeting, so I stay stinky and smelly until all of my house work is done! It also happens to be early out day for the kids; they get out at 2:30, then I pick them up and we go straight to the library! We LOVE the library up here, it is soooo great! After at least an hour, we head home to make dinner and get ready for FHE :)
Tuesday... Tues mornings I help out at Brayden’s School, then it is lunch with my honey, pick the kids up from school and we head down to Utah County for Tyler's clogging and to check on Grandma Ina Mae. This is our late night; we usually don't get home until 9 or so.
Wednesday... I do the fluoride treatments at Tyler’s school in the morning, again lunch with Trav, Piano lessons (both kids) right after school, and then it is Young men’s for Brayden ;)
Thursday... Back to Braydens school for a few hours, meet up with Trav for lunch, and this is my shopping day (food, cleaning stuff whatever we need) then every other week is achievement days for the little miss, this is the night of the week we just get to hang out... ahhhhhhhhhhh
Friday... This is the day I get to have adult conversation :) Some weeks I work at the bank from 9-1 and others I work 1-6 depending on which one; depends on if Trav gets to get off work early when the kids get home! Either way let the weekend began!!!!!
On the weekends we just hang out and enjoy each other’s company, and the company of family and friends.
So that is what we do, It is not too much different than what we did before, except I get to have lunch with Trav almost every day(Which I LOVE!!!!!!) and he gets home MUCH earlier.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tyler's big day!

Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!!!

I can't believe this day has already come and gone! She is such a good girl and we are SO VERY lucky to have her in our family!! Thank you Tyler for all you have taught me!

I pray you will continue to be so strong willed, (for good of course) and always remember who you are and what you stand for!

We love you!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

This weekend was full of food, kids, and tons of FUN!!!!!!!

All of us at the Alpine Slide :)

We were lucky enough to have Lexi, Brylee, and Preston Fri. and Sat. while their parents celebrated their Anniversary! Then we meet up with them (and Blake) Sat afternoon and rode the Alpine slides. It was so fun to watch the kids and their idea of "hauling" down the mountain!!Trav had Tyler with him and they really did "haul", It's a good thing she is just like her dad or we could have had a problem! Then the girls went shopping at the outlets and the boys went to set up the 50 inch TV with surround sound in the Laforett's basement! We stayed in Santaquin, and the next morning Tony fixed us a HUGE scrumptious breakfast, watched conference, made a baby blanket, then watched some more conference, ate some more delicious food, visited Grandma, then off to Heber. Have I mentioned like a thousand times how lucky we are to have such Amazing friends!!!

Kids playing at the park
Lexi~ isn't she getting big :)
Every one is getting ready for bed!!

Good night kisses from the girls :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Maddox David Alford. Born 10-2-09 (yea, baby G's birthday. They get to share, just like Kirsten and Garrett) @ 10:51 pm weighed 8 lbs 1 oz, and tons of dark hair! He is so beautiful!!! I just LOVE being an Aunt! I just don't love being so far away :( That makes 3 healthy beautiful babies in our family in 3 months..... Good Times!!! My mom would be in 7th HEAVEN with all these babies! I will try to get pictures soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We stayed the weekend at "Hotel Laforett" it is so good to have such GREAT friends! While there the kids and I helped Chaw move into their new house and Trav went on “the BEST bike ride of the year"! However he got hurt :( he wouldn't let me take pictures! Then we had a fabulous Sunday breakfast with Laforet’s, church, dinner with the Garner's, Syd's birthday party (sorry we were late), and then a visit to Grandma Ina Mae's and Grandpa Hyrum’s... whew!
We had a busy but fun weekend. Thanks everyone!!Don't ask me how kids can sleep like this and still walk in the morning!
Yes this is how they slept...Trav took this at about 2 am
First snow fall of the year!!
Brayden was dancing he was so excited.
Tyler is not sure... but look at the size of the flakes!
poor Brayden you can't see his cute little face

Still Dancing...
They did go out with some of the neighbor kids
and had a snowball fight after dinner,
But it was too dark to get any pics.

We got a lot more snow yesterday;
we are hoping it melts by this afternoon :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My little man!

I was looking at some older pictures the other day and found this one taken just 4 short years ago. It is hard to believe that that much time has passed, so quickly! It feels like only months ago this was taken. I showed it to him and he couldn't believe it was 4 years ago either. Then he just laughed and said "SWEET in what will feel like months ... I'll get to drive"
He is so not funny and I am so not ready for that!
Brayden at 8 years old the day he was baptized.
Brayden at 12 years old the day he got the priesthood.

I can't believe how much he has changed!
He looks like a little man, instead of my baby boy :(
He is a good boy and I am so Thankful for him

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember This....

I don't have a single memory of Tyler as a little girl without her "KIDS"! Oh, how I use to dread hauling them with us EVERY where we went. It was such a process 2 trips to the van strap them all in seat belts, cover them with their special blankets, all before she would even get into her seat. The looks I would get while we were grocery shopping with 4 "kids” in the cart and one on her back with no room for the food. People wondered why I would let her do it. Sometimes, I would make her pick just one to take with us, but that didn't save time or patience either. Because the ones we didn't take had to be tucked into their beds "snug as a bug" with the oldest (usually Joey or Emily) watching the little ones. Then we would have to hurry because she worried about them! Anyone who remembers this time in our lives knows the patience we had to exercise! However looking back I am so grateful I did let her. These precious days didn't last as long as they felt, and looking back I realize how much I miss them. Here are just a few of THOUSANDS of pictures of her with her kids.... And yes bed time was a whole other process in its self!

This was her first "kid" Baby Joey... and he could do no wrong! He was her favorite!!

First day of Pre-school with baby Brayden

Couldn't even get her picture taken without them!
(Joey, Emily and Bryley)

She had to sleep in a Queen bed to fit them all.

Oh, how I miss this!!!!

Like all exhausted mom's ... she fell asleep feeding her baby.

I guess like mother like daughter!
I loved babies too, this was my baby Beth.

Just last night when I went to tuck her into bed I had to move her A.G doll out of the way so I could give her a kiss!! Good to know she is still my same little girl , just getting bigger.