Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well, we decided after last week, we all needed a little R&R so we don't have much to report about. Trav and I did get our strawberry jam made. I was fun making it together (never mind that it was midnight) I didn't get any pictures of us making it only the final result, seeing how we were elbow deep in strawberries, and the kids were dead asleep!
Every summer I let my kids pick a theme for each week (12) and we TRY to do fun activities, crafts, games, and find fun books that go along with the theme.This coming up week we are starting our Nature week (we start our new theme every Fri, weird I know, but that what works for us) I will post all the fun things we do after each week, so I don't confuse anyone. I am still in need of a few ideas for our "mad scientist" week coming up. HELP!! I have never been very good at "mad science" but my kids LOVE it, so what do you do?

Doesn't this look heavenly?!?
Can't wait until we can make Peach

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Schools Out For Summer !!!!!

Well, we made it!!!! I must admit I am so excited school is out, partly because I was so ready to have a break and because it seems like once your kids are in school all day you NEVER see them anymore. It has been a couple of fun crazy weeks. So here we go...

Hope Of America
This was a great program and I was amazed at how well all the kids did.
Having so many different schools there,and only Practicing together once. All the kids hand movements were right on. I also thought the living flag was amazing!!!!
Brayden's class was the top middle red part of the flag
Colby, Brayden, Mrs. Hamilton and Lexi
The end of year field trip for the 5th graders.

Fun times on the bus up to Rock canyon Park

They played kick ball

Giant twister
This was super funny

Now for the BIG event...

We all went rock climbing, most of us had NEVER been before so this was a real adventure. A lot harder then I thought it would be.
Doesn't help when you are deathly afraid of heights!!!!!!!

Go Brayden go. He did great!!!!
I was trying to remember to take pictures and breath at the same time

Now my turn, I kept trying to remind the little ones holding my rope to PLEASE not drop me! Thanks to Carter for keeping me alive!
Brayd was the one taking the pics ,he did a great job but he took 5 at the very beginning and then he was done :)

Tyler's Field Trip

Tyler's class has been writing to pen pals all year to a 3rd grade class up in Eagle Mountain, so they went to have a picnic and games at the park to meet their pen pals. They were all so excited. Tyler's little pal was Ashton. (the boy in the grey shirt next to Tyler) They played games like the animal game, red rover and the name game. They all had so much fun.

The history fair
Let me introduce you to ...
How cute it this? I mean come on have you ever seen such a cute Daniel Boone in your life?

For their final project in humanities they had to research their person in history, give a time line 100 years before and after their persons life, write a memoir on their person, and then dress up as and act as this person the night of the fair. Sounds easy right? Wrong, this project took a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tons of tears (from many students) But the end result was amazing!!!!!! I was so proud of my students and especially Brayden. They all did so well!!!!! I hope that every one who came to see this appreciated all the hard work the kids and their teachers put into it!!!

Here are a few of the people from history (1700's)
Don't they all look fantastic?!?!!
The Last Day Of School :(

I am really going to miss these cute guys!!!

This is a group of Tyler's friends
All boys go figure!!!

Tyler and one of her bestest friends Marco
This kid is hillarious

Josh and Tyler high 5-ing their good work on the board
I love this picture!!!
They didn't know I was taking it (the best kind)

Clogging Night

Tyler and her teacher Miss Condit
she is sure going to miss her!!!

3 beautiful dancers
I didn't post any pictures of them dancing I figured at this point every one is pretty familiar with them and dance review night it is dark so the pics aren't the best any way. Of course they all did wonderful.
That is what we have been up to. I am sure we will still keep plenty busy with Baseball, swimming, and we still have piano. So the summer is off to a great start. I hope everyone has a happy, fun, and safe summer!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok, so I am a slacker! This has been one crazy week. We have had Hope of America, field trips, clogging, young men, Scout camp, baseball, and school stuff every night this week. On top of all that, our neighborhood has been hit by bad luck. We have 2 of our close neighbors in the hospital. (Sad) I will try to get the pictures from all of the fun things we’ve been doing posted soon. Next week will be another fun one, being it is the LAST week of school for us! (I am doing back flips I am so excited) So please don’t worry if I am a slacker for another week or so.
Love you all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better late then never.... Right????

Tyler had another clogging competition, this time in Taylorsville. She did very well again (all of Tara's teams took 1st place in all their dances) We went and stayed up in Park City Thurs.- Sun because we had a lot of running around and it is closer to Trav's work and SLC. It is always a treat to have Trav close by and home early :) (he was only 15 min away)

This is what Brayden did the entire time. I guess he is not a huge clogging fan. He did manage to look up when Tyler, Maycie,Lexi, Brylie, Keri, and Sydnie took the stage.( all at different times) what a nice boy , at least he stayed in his seat and didn't disrupt a single soul. Thank heavens for technology!!!!
The noise was just way too loud for him! This was after an hour or so.
Tyler and Trav enjoyed a little i-pod movie watching as well between dances.

This was after hour 4 or 5 I wasn't kidding when I said he didn't move.

So after the long day of clogging, we went back to Park City and relaxed (this was the kids definition of relaxing) I do NOT know how they can spend ALL day in the pool! It wears me out after a few hours. Tyler was most pleased when it started to snow, it is her FAVORITE thing to swim in the snow and she had been hoping and praying it would snow while we were up here. (the pool temp is like bath water, and when it snows, steam comes of the pool . Can you think of an cooler atmosphere to play shark in the water ???) you can't really tell in the pictures though. We had a great week (5 days) it is nice to get away sometimes :)
Brayden trying to get Trav..............He should know better

Now he is trying to hog all the balls. I think it is for safety reasons, because he knows what will happen if he gives them up REVENGE!!!!!!

I do not know how they can even see out of those goggles!?!

We ran into some friends (Jaron and Michelle) while we were here, what a small world.

Here is a picture from our room to show that it really was snowing, by morning there was a lot more. To bad we are all sick of the snow, because it really was pretty.