Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I know, I know it has been way too long!

Our summer started off with a little Piano
Tyler and Brayden at their piano recital
They both did a great job!
 Then we headed to Lagoon for a LOT of Clogging

Their biggest fans!
It goes either way..

Tyler and Brylie doing their duet.
which they rocked again with another 1st place!

One of Tyler's team dance
I think they took 1st on this one :)

Finally,  time for a little fun!

Look at these happy kids

The last days of school

Tyler and her friend Collin

We went to This is the Place and the poor kids had to push Handcarts...
Can you believe the torture!

They even had to behave in class.

Karate test time!!!!
Brayden testing for his green belt, He did AMAZING...
 he is now a Green Belt  :) 

Just some random fun things we have been up to
We are missing a few things due to a camera malfunction :)
We celebrated this little cuties 1st Birthday!
Can't believe she is growing so fast
It just wouldn't be summer without a few trips to the ball park

This is Tyler's way of working with dad
no really she was a big help until the mosquitoes came out
then Trav and I were on our own!!!
enjoying the fountains at the Gateway

Isn't she pretty!
Summer Camps
NOT my favorite part of summer but the kids sure love it!

Karate camp...
Brayd had TONS and TONS of fun at Karate camp this year
and he came back a Ninja freak :)

Tyler and her roomy Keri

Tyler went to clog camp at BYU this year and LOVED every second of it.
 Even I did a great job...I didn't cry when I dropped her off at the dorms (yes dorms for 3.5 days) and I didn't even go check on her once.  She was very proud of her brave mom and my reward was LOTS of snuggle time when she got home and she didn't leave my side for days.(looks like I am not the only one who missed someone,he he he and I LOVE it)

and this is the latest of our summer projects.....we FINALLY have grass!!!!

Hope every ones Summer is filled with lots of Fun, Friends, Family and Love!