Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This was so stinkin funny!
There is this house in Heber that goes ALL out for Halloween. So of cousre we went to check it out. It was awesome and we even got a good laugh out of watching Trav get the crap scared out of him.
I will have to post pictures of the kids at their diffrent parties, Park City Main Street and I hope our pictures from the Haunted Train Ride turned out... I don't know though it was pretty dark!
  We had a Great Halloween this year, I would say one of the BEST! (Brayden is hoping to hit a haunted house next year,Tyler will  still have to wait a few years I think)
Hope all of yours was too!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Break 2011

We went to Bear World!
We feed Preston to the bears.

Looks at our sweet little bears

This one was waiting for Preston and Tyler to feed it

Last time we saw this big boy he was just a baby in the petting zoo!

Crazy deer (and goat)would even let me get the food out!

awww...so sweet

best friends

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This year Tyler had 2 ½ birthday parties, one with her friends from Heber and one with her friends from Santaquin/Payson (and a half of a party with us).

This was the Family Party. We went to Shakey's (a pizza place in AF).
She LOVED it and her favorite pizza was the S'mores :)

I just can’t believe My Little Miss is 10! I am also having a hard time believing she is in Middle School this year. On her Birthday I asked her what was her favorite part about being in the double digits? (Because you know that is the MOST important part about turning 10!) she said her favorite part was she is FINALLY not the only 9 year old in her WHOLE school!!! 
She was hoping we would let her get a face book account now that she is 10, but after talking about it we (Tyler included) decided she should wait just a little longer for FB and text. I guess we (Trav and I) are just not ready to let her grow up that fast, besides she is just fine using mine from time to time.  The other thing she REALLY wanted was a doll with REAL hair, you know the kind you can curl with a curling iron and it won’t melt. Anyone who knows Tyler knows she LOVES to play with hair she will drag her poor friends, brother, brother’s friends, neighbors, and anyone that will let her down to the salon or anywhere else just to do their hair. She is actually pretty darn good. So a doll with real hair was just what she needed.

This was her first Party with her Heber friends and like a stupid (or very sick)
mom that I was I didn't get a picture with all of them together. :(
She had fun and I guess that is all that matters.

She is one happy girl!
She spends HOURS doing her hair. You can curl it ,wash it (and it doesn't get all tangled)
and start all over again. Yep, it is the PERFECT doll!

2nd party that went all night long!

They made fruit/candy pizza

Did really cool nails

And of course each other's hair.
I didn't get pictures, but they also clogged,
 Clogged, CLOGGED ALL night long!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brayden's 14th Birthday!

I know I am a little late getting this posted, but here it is...
This is the Birthday boy at a track in SF.
I couldn't get them to look at me and smile, they were to busy racing
Brayden is quite the little man. He is doing AMAZING in Karate and school. Anyone who has an 8th grader know it is not an easy task to get straight A’s, but when he brought his midterms home that is exactly what he had! And when I went to parent teacher night EVERY single one of his teachers told me what a GREAT, POLITE, SMART kid he was. I already knew this, but it is nice to hear it from others (especially ones that are around him all day)His Birthday was pretty low key, all he wanted was a rib dinner so we took him to Texas Roadhouse and he was one  happy boy! Trav also surprised him with a custom (made by Trav and it only took him about 12 hours to make) Ken Block body for his Slash. He was so surprised and excited he almost cried! (don't tell him I told you that)
I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL to report that we are a month into him being 14 and he still thinks we are cool, he tells us all the time that he loves us, and still gives us hugs! (sometimes even around people his own age) What more could we ask for  :)
Love you Brayd!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Say good bye to his major over bite....
And all of his favorite chewy treats, corn on the cob, and popcorn at least for the next few years.
Brayden before his braces

getting the bottom ones put on

 The top ones and bite plate on.
He is so excited he gets to wear this awful bite plate for the next 6 months, it's a
small price to pay for a beautiful smile! 

Brayden after they are all on .... now let the fun begin

He was so cute.  Right before they started he said "Mom, I am going to thank you for this now, because I will probably forget to in the next 2 years while I am in pain and can't eat all my favorite treats."
Well, he was right later that night he was in SO much pain and he sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles with that stinkin bite plate in. Poor boy  :(

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well Blogger has been giving me fits lately :(
 This is the 3rd time I have tried to post something but when I hit "publish post " NOTHING...
 So here is a condensed version of the 3 post that didn't work (also the pictures aren't in order and I have tried for the last hour to get them straight with no luck! So it is what it is.)

We have spent many hours at the dentist this Summer getting ready for Brayden's braces.
I will post a picture of him with them on soon... if he will let me :)
This is Brayden on his first day of 8th grade. You will all be happy and proud to know I DIDN'T cry or even take him to school. Yes, I know I am growing up :)
He did ask me to take him, but we were home having Tyler trauma so Trav just took Brayden while I stayed home with Tyler. This was the FIRST time since preschool and I was in the hospital having Tyler that I haven't taken Brayden to school on the first day.
But I am happy to report we both made it without tears

Here is a picture of his back pack.
He wanted me to take a picture so he could always remember the "stupid" back packs they made him use in Jr. High

This is the Little Miss on her first day of 5th grade
The poor girl was TERRIFIED!( which didn't help her poor mom)

This was  her very first time trying to open her locker (it was stressing Brayden out)
there is a picture at the bottom of the page of her on the first day of school and she got it on the 1st try...it is just too bad she can't reach the shelf.

This was their FAVORITE place this summer.

Having some fun at 7 peaks. School up here started a few days  after school in UT Co
So it was the PERFECT time to hit 7 peaks... Beautiful weather and not very busy.
Here they are again...
I didn't get very many pictures of us here because I didn't want to get my phone wet.
But this was one of their favorite places (besides the slides)
Here is Tyler putting her stuff away on the first day of school (which BTW we both shed a tear or two)
This was a whole new experience for her. Usually Tyler is pretty strong, but this ruffled her feathers a bit.
 I personally feel that 9 is too young to be in middle school with all of those kids (over 700 just in 5th grade), lockers, different teacher, etc.
But if anyone can handle it she can (and all of the other 700 + terrified kids.
FYI we were not the only trying to hold it together that day)
  This month, on the 15th to be exact, marks the 2 year mark that we have lived in Heber. This is supposed to be the year when we go from liking Heber to LOVING Heber and never wanting to leave. Hmmm.... we shall see :)
In other big news is we got a new van, just a few years newer than our other one and it is white this time. The kids love it because it has 2 TV's  and heated leather seats for them. I love it because it has remote start for the winter and it is paid for.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is the moment I know you have all been waiting for....

                          The 2011 school clothes fashion show!
                                                                   Brayden is in 8th grade and Tyler is in 5th

 YES, we (or should I say Tyler) even got (threatened) Brayden to participate. This was the first year that Brayden cared enough about his school clothes to personally pick out and approve of every single item (he use to trust his mom, but now that he is 14 I guess I am not the trusty steed I  once use to be)
And as always it takes weeks/hours/millions of places, trying on and retrying on to get Tyler's  perfect little stash.
But I have enjoyed most of it and I am glad they still want me to tag along.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sneek peek

We all got together for family pictures.....
here are just a few to preview.
All  the cousins on the Daley side

My cute kids that are getting too big too fast!

Friday, July 22, 2011

School clothes shopping is so much fun!!!
Especially when you get to tease your little sister ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I know, I know it has been way too long!

Our summer started off with a little Piano
Tyler and Brayden at their piano recital
They both did a great job!
 Then we headed to Lagoon for a LOT of Clogging

Their biggest fans!
It goes either way..

Tyler and Brylie doing their duet.
which they rocked again with another 1st place!

One of Tyler's team dance
I think they took 1st on this one :)

Finally,  time for a little fun!

Look at these happy kids

The last days of school

Tyler and her friend Collin

We went to This is the Place and the poor kids had to push Handcarts...
Can you believe the torture!

They even had to behave in class.

Karate test time!!!!
Brayden testing for his green belt, He did AMAZING...
 he is now a Green Belt  :) 

Just some random fun things we have been up to
We are missing a few things due to a camera malfunction :)
We celebrated this little cuties 1st Birthday!
Can't believe she is growing so fast
It just wouldn't be summer without a few trips to the ball park

This is Tyler's way of working with dad
no really she was a big help until the mosquitoes came out
then Trav and I were on our own!!!
enjoying the fountains at the Gateway

Isn't she pretty!
Summer Camps
NOT my favorite part of summer but the kids sure love it!

Karate camp...
Brayd had TONS and TONS of fun at Karate camp this year
and he came back a Ninja freak :)

Tyler and her roomy Keri

Tyler went to clog camp at BYU this year and LOVED every second of it.
 Even I did a great job...I didn't cry when I dropped her off at the dorms (yes dorms for 3.5 days) and I didn't even go check on her once.  She was very proud of her brave mom and my reward was LOTS of snuggle time when she got home and she didn't leave my side for days.(looks like I am not the only one who missed someone,he he he and I LOVE it)

and this is the latest of our summer projects.....we FINALLY have grass!!!!

Hope every ones Summer is filled with lots of Fun, Friends, Family and Love!