Thursday, September 1, 2011

Say good bye to his major over bite....
And all of his favorite chewy treats, corn on the cob, and popcorn at least for the next few years.
Brayden before his braces

getting the bottom ones put on

 The top ones and bite plate on.
He is so excited he gets to wear this awful bite plate for the next 6 months, it's a
small price to pay for a beautiful smile! 

Brayden after they are all on .... now let the fun begin

He was so cute.  Right before they started he said "Mom, I am going to thank you for this now, because I will probably forget to in the next 2 years while I am in pain and can't eat all my favorite treats."
Well, he was right later that night he was in SO much pain and he sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles with that stinkin bite plate in. Poor boy  :(