Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Growing up...

I love these little BFF's who like to do EVERYTHING the same!
Can you tell by the matching outfits, (one of many)
and now matching nails.

Well, Tyler got her first set of beautiful nails done. She paid for them with her very own hard earned money... and she  couldn't be happier. Trav on the other hand couldn't believe I  let her get them. ( I love it when I am not the only one that wants our kids to stay little forever)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I just love these guys!

Yep, this is what I live for......

This picture says it all.
She has him wrapped around her finger

He is getting big so fast,
but lucky for me I still get at least one of these a day!

Hottest man alive....and he is ALL mine ;)

My favorite sidekick!
 Our Valentine's Day was kind of a crazy one. We had just gotten home from a 5 day trip to St George, which was BEAUTIFUL (70*) and  MUCH needed! And seeing how Valentine's  was on "Crazy Tuesday" (at our house Tues. are the busiest day of the week. Tyler has clogging in Genola 1.25 hours away and Brayden has Karate. We don't all get home until after 9 on this day...SAD) this year we got to celebrate it running around our crazy kids that we love around all day!   Brayden and Trav got to have dinner and a little game time together and Tyler and I stopped at Chick~fil~a for our valentine's dinner . It was delish!
Hope you all had a great day!