Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Little Miss!

I am going to warn you now that this is going to be a long post full of pictures!
 (and bragging)
Right before school got out the kids had their
Piano Recital
This year she played the Spinning song

Tyler has been super busy this summer already and we are only a month into it! Yes school didn't get out for us til June 1st!
 I will start out by saying I can't believe she is going to be in 6th grade this year!
  She had a great 5th grade year, getting amazing report cards the entire year. I can't say I am surprised she always tries her hardest at everything she does!

She has also be clogging her guts out, I swear this girl never gets tired of clogging!
Practicing for Lagoon

All of that practice must have paid off, be cause she recived 4 of these!
She was so proud of her self!
( we were proud of her too,
but she said that doesn't count
 because we are always proud of her
 even when she doesn't do very good)

It wasn't all work and no play, they took a few hours to ride some of the rides :)

Some of Tyler's Clogging friends
Emily,Brylie,Tyler,Zoey,Bailey and Kaitlyn

Tyler and her clogging teacher Tara!
She LOVES her, so it makes it worth all the HOURS we spend every week going to Genola!
All of their hard work paid off.
These two little cuties took FIRST place
EVERY time they did their duet!
they are AWESOME!

 After all the competitions were over it was time for clog camp at BYU!

It doesn't seem right dropping my baby off and leaving her in a DORM!
But she LOVES every min of it :)

This is how I left her....they were playing a getting to know you game!

 After all of the clogging was over for a while, it was off to go help with the babies again!
Tyler is LOVING have the girls here.
Not going to lie, I was a little or a lot worried that she would be jealous,
(My kids are use to being spoiled by their Aunt Kirsten)
but she is truley  enjoying every min with the girls
and I have not seenor heard her act jealous once.
She is just loving it and is such a good helper!

Sutton getting her toes painted for the first time!
She got pink and Nixon got purple :)

Tyler is now a pro at changing diapers,
feeding them bottles
and getting them dressed
She has been in HEAVEN with these babies!

Tyler has also enjoyed Trav having fridays off. they spend a lot of time playing outside together
They like to play tether ball and 4 square.

Tyler and Trav playing 4 square.
It is one of their favorite games these days!
That is just some of the things she has been up to. We have also gone to St George for clogging
 (but I can't seem to find the pictures for
and to 7 peaks a few times but I haven't taken my camera yet so no pictures.
I am sure there will be lots more to post next month.

Ps i am not sure why the color changed in the writting.
I tried to change it back, but no go..... so we get what we get!