Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brayden and his MAD cooking skills

Last F.H.E Brayden was in charge of the treat so he decided he was going to make Brownies all by himself. (he measured every thing and even cracked his own eggs :) They were fabulous!!!!!!!! (not an egg shell in sight) I was very proud of him . He even shared some with his teacher the next day and she said they were the best Brownies she had ever had. WAY TO GO BRAYD!!!!!!! he is growing up way too fast for me.

Kaisen, Jaxon,and Tylers pretty fingernails

Girls,(Bri, Chris,and Kirsten) I have a video of Kaisen I recorded just for you, but I can't get it to up load :( however I will keep trying. Anyway here is a little picture of him in the mean time. Isn't he so cute?? Here is Tyler with her best bud Jaxon. She went and had a sleep over at Aunt Shel's while Jax was visiting. She sure misses him when he is gone, but it's nice he comes and visits often.

Aren't these the most beautiful nails you have ever seen????
Tyler has been dying for some fake nails, so while we were in Idaho she got some :)
Boy did she look great!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We went to Cody and Kirsten's for Thanksgiving this year :) It was fun to be up there with them, and amazingly enough NO snow!!!!!! Tyler making place cards??? (after she helped Kirst work, she used the rest of her colored cards)
Earlier they made cookie turkeys. Wish I would have gotten a picture of them :( They were so cute!!!

This is what they did while I cleaned up
dirty rats!!!!

Tyler LOVES her Uncle Cody !!!!!
(I think he is pretty fond of her too)

Look at these HAPPY kids
they were so excited to share a bed

I know sit down......... Trav went shopping on Black Friday. I'm still shocked!!!!
Trav, Tyler and I went shopping...... while I missed Chaw, We had a great time and Trav even scored his first HOT deal a 42 inch TV he was excited!!! The only problem was ,we were in the SUBARU ( he was now wishing we were in my awesome van) But we got creative and the T V made it home safe and sound.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

F.H.E 11/24/08 Things we are thankful for

I am a little behind on my post :( Sorry!! We have been gone and then came home to a crazy week. (we went to Kirsten's for Thanks giving) However, this was a great night. Tyler played the piano for us and then we talked about everything we are grateful for.You can tell your kids are growing up by their answers. I thought I would share a few:
Tyler was thankful for: her family of course,Friends and a house to live in. She was also thankful for good teachers present and past(me too)and that I worked at her school. She also is thankful for her piano and clogging teachers,and carpooling. (I thought that was kind of a funny one)
Brayden was thankful for his family and friends too, his freedom of religion, ability(some day) to be able to vote, and freedom of speech. Can you tell what he is learning about in school?? He is most thankful that Trav has a good job so I can always be home ( I bet that will change in a few years, but for now that is nice to hear) .

Trav is grateful for his job too,but he said his family is what he is most thankful for (lucky us)
I can't even start with all the thinks I am thankful for.I agree with Trav my family,the Gospel and how hard he works for us are probably my big three.But I have millions of little things I am grateful for too: Friends, good health, a home to live in, a job that allows me to be home when my kids are,and oddly enough I too am thankful for car pooling :) I am also so thankful for my Grandma and the example she is to my family.
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!
The kids decorated the "KID" tree.
this is their favorite one to do.
Doesn't she look so grown up!!!!!!