Monday, August 26, 2013

And she is back doing what she loves!

Clogging has started once again.
Tyler was so excited! This girl LOVES to clog, LOVES her friends at clogging and LOVES her teacher!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The first days of school...

This year the kids started on different days.
Tyler started on the 20th and
because of Freshman day Brayden didn't start until the 21st
Tyler's first day of Jr. High...sigh

Brayden's first day of 10th grade and Tyler's second day of 7th

They both had a great first day!
I can't believe they are growing up so fast!!!!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013


We had a lot of visitor over the first few weeks bray was home.
I tried to get pictures of everyone who stopped by, but that didn't happen.
Here are a few...

Kristen, Audrey and Fisher
They kept Brayden stocked up on his brownies that he loves.
Thanks guys!!!

Sammy, Taggertt and Ben

Ben Springer and scarlett.
We miss our favorite neighbors from our old hood!

Ethan and Sammy

Ethan came over almost every day.
 He is such a good friend and we LOVE having him!!
There were lots of people that stopped by.... Grandma Jean, Riley and Grandpa Dean, The Laforett's
some other friends from school and others that I am sure I have forgotten.
Thanks for all the love and support!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Going home!!!!

I can't believe after 3 days we are going home!!!
They told us to plan on at least a week or more.
I have got to admit
 I am more nervous about taking him home from the hospital this time
then I was when he was born!
Pray for us!

He looks great!

I was so nervous...he was such a trooper

after we got home he went straight to bed.
the ride tired him out!

a few hours later.... some friends stopped by

This is where Tyler slept for almost a week.
(Trav and I took turns in the chair next to the bed)
She was such a good little nurse.
I am beyond grateful that my kids get along, blessing I know!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brayd at the Hospital

                                    Here are just some pictures of Brayd the day after surgery.
He is doing AMAZING!!!!
No one can believe he is already out of ICU
(they told us to plan on 48 hours or more and he was only 24)

Tyler brought him his little dog sniffy. Brayd use to take sniffy every where with him, she dug it out of a storage box and brought it to the hospital for him.
She is such a good sister!

his eye looked so much worse in person

View from his room

This one brakes my heart you can see the pain on his face

side view

A few pics of Brayd this morning...

He looks so good... at least to me!
He is doing awesome and it is sounding like he will get to leave the ICU today
I am feeling BLESSED!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Last surgery on with recovery!

I just saw my baby...wasn't suppose to, but I just happened to be in the right place and saw them wheeling him out of the OR into recovery. Couldn't touch him, but I was able to see him.feeling blessed.
The very best part is he looks like himself...swollen, but good
Update on this 7/10/2013
Let me give a little back story to this...
We got NO phone reception where we were waiting. It was a bummer! Every once in a while you would get just enough to tell you you were getting a call and then you would have to go find a spot that worked. Too bad the same spot never worked twice.  
Tyler had spent the night at Em's and they were on there way to the hospital. My phone was making some weird clicking sound so I thought I had better find a spot that worked and call Em to make sure it wasn't them needing something. Went down this little hall and found a spot that worked. After I talked to Em , my phone rang it was my neighbor and since I had nothing better to do I answered it. We were talking for about 10-15 mins when all of the sudden the double doors in front of me opened and the he was... they were wheeling him out of where ever he was.
I hung up on my poor neighbor and friend Marie and ran up to the bed. They told me not to touch him or talk to him, but I got to see him! That was all I needed! he looked good, better than I thought he would  and he was breathing and I could hear his heart beating (on the machine of course) and did I mention he looked good! Like Brayden the one I had left almost 12 hours earlier!
I have no words to describe how much my mama heart needed to see him!  YES, I know and thanked Heavenly Father for putting me in the right place at the right time!
After following him down the hall (BTW, they could have walked me off of a cliff and I would have followed. I wasn't paying attention to where we were going I was too busy trying to take mental note of how Brayd was)  he went through some more double doors and out of sight. They told us it would be a few more hours before we got another update.
As I was standing in a strange hall full of double doors that said "Do not enter"
 or "Authorized people only"
I ran into his Anesthesiologist, He told me how well Brayden had done and how he his surgery would be talked about for a long time. He said that  Brayd was an athlete not just in good shape but an ATHLETE! (this made Brayd very happy)
He told me he had never been in a surgery for that long and that intense and have a kid or anyone for that matter be so strong!
I told him it must be all the swimming Brayd does.

I don't even know what update this is...

 We just talked with the surgeons and I have got to tell you they scared the CRAP out of me. I saw them walking down the hall before they saw me and they looked stressed out. When I first saw their faces I thought I was either going to throw up right there or pass out. It is a good thing Kirsten was there to tell me to calm down. (She was sitting right by me and I was holding one of the girls. Trav was across from me and didn't see them coming up the hall yet)
 Thankfully they had good news and we didn't get pulled into "the room"!!
They said the surgery went really well and that last little bit of the tumor came out easier than the other parts so it didn't take as long as they thought, it looks hopeful that they got all of it and it looks like what they thought it was (something that I can't even remember right now) but they don't think it looks cancerous.
They said it would be another hour to put him back together and into recovery.
 They told us before we went in that he would be in critical condition and we wouldn't be able to see him for about 12 hours after surgery because of the brain swelling, so I am prepared for that. I just want them to tell me he is out and stable. It has been over 9.5 hours now and it sounds like we have another hour or so to go.
We can do this... we are almost done!

Update # 7

The last update we got left me feeling sick to my stomach and left me feeling like a nervous wreck.
 Every time that stupid phone rings (the one that they use to give updates to the families, we are not the only ones her, but we have by far been here the longest) I break out in to a sweat! We have been here all day and have seen people come and go.
 I just watched one family be pulled into "the room" you know the one where they shut the door instead of just telling you out in the open like everyone else.
So right now I am just PRAYING we NEVER have to see the inside of that room...EVER!!!!!
Then they called my name to get an update: it has only been an hour....
When I got on the phone the nurse said they were starting to close up. I asked her if it was because they got all of the tumor or if Brayd was having a hard time. She said she didn't know.
 How can you not know? You are standing right there! PLEASE tell me!!!!
Instead she just said the surgeons (he had 2 of them one for the eye part and one for the brain part) would be out as soon as they were done with their part to let us know what was going on.
 I am suddenly feeling mad/scared to death. How can they call you and say that and then not tell you anything else?
Are they trying to give me a heart attack or a stroke or something?
Good thing Kirsten just got here or I might really be going to find out what the heck!

Update # 6

I was really hoping this would be the update that they would say " he is out of surgery and doing great" since it has already been more than 8 hours.
 However, instead they said they are still working on trying to get all of the tumor out, they think another 2 hours.
I know... don't panic... it is not going to help!
 Trust me I have already tried it, also throwing up doesn't help either :(
They said he was doing good , but getting tired. I had to ask her what that meant, because all I could remember is the Dr saying we didn't really want to go too much over 8 hours because it gets too risky and now they are telling us another 2 hours and he is tired???
I am too tired to understand this!
I just want Brayd out of surgery with his skull put back together and him looking like he did when he went in!
She said she will update us when they start closing up
 because they either; A) got all of the tumor
or B) he can't take it anymore.
I am praying for A!
 It is all I can do to not run in there grab Brayd and run like mad.
Yes, I know this is not even something that I could do
 and Trav kindly reminded me there is NO way
 I would want to see Brayd the way he is at this very second,
but it doesn't make me not want to do it anyway.  I have been pretty good
all day, but I think I was holding out for the 8 hour mark and it has passed
and now I can feel myself starting to panic like a crazy person!

Update # 4&5

The next 2 updates are about the same as the last; still trying to get all of the tumor out, his vitals went from being great to good to OK.
I really REALLY hope they are almost finished.
It has been almost 7 hours and I keep telling myself...
 they said expect 8, don't panic, don't throw up,
just keep praying and it will all be alright!

Update #3

They have reached the tumor and are working on getting it out.
His vital are still good!

Update #2

The nurse just called and said they are now trying to work their way to the tumor.
His vitals are excellent and she will keep us updated.
Pleae keep Brayd in your prayers!

Update #1

 So the nurse will be calling us from the OR every 1.5 to 2 hours giving us updates on how he is doing.They said it is a 6+ hour surgery, but plan on at least 8 (YIKES!!)
 1st update: about 45 mins after they took him they got him back to the OR  and got all the Prep work done, they are now starting to cut into his skull.
 Don't get me wrong, I REALLY appreciate the updates but I don't think I want to know ALL the details, just tell me how he is doing and I am good. I don't want to sit here for the next however many hours imagining what they are doing to my baby boy!

The Big day!!

We arrived at the hospital at 5 AM (ish)...
He was NOT loving the "outfit" they made him wear!

Waiting to get the IV's put in...sad moment for all of us!
I don't like seeing my kids scared and in pain
and not be able to do a dang thing about it...BOO!

 Getting ready to go back.
They had just given him something that made him sleepy.
at least he didn't get wheeled away crying. I would NOT have been able to handle that!
 Surprisingly enough I didn't cry when they wheeled him away either...
 we are both so brave!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The night before the BIG surgery....

We had lots of people call and ask us if they could stop by and see Brayd and
since July 1st (the day of surgery) was Trav's Birthday,we decided to have a combo party.
Randy L, Chaw and her family and Brad!
We had lots of people drive up from Santaquin!

 Brayd and his friends Ethan and Taggert

Brad's family!
 They are always so good to us and support us in EVERYTHING!

The Barker's!

 And of course the LaForett's...
don't know what we would do with out the "Gurney Clan"

A BIG thanks to all of these great men!

Hanging out watching a movie

Brayd saying bye to Tyler,
she went and spent the night at the Laforett's
then Em will bring her up to the Hospital when Brayd is out of Surgery!
They are doing their Mr. Bean face

Brayd and Grandpa Gurney doing their "Mr Bean Face"

Before the dreaded Hair cut :(

We were trying to have a little fun... since we had to cut it.
He was not excited about it and it broke my heart having to to it.

Not so bad...with a hat on!

He wanted me to lay by him until he went to sleep
(which he never did so I stayed there until about 2:30 AM)
I am thankful for this boy of mine! He is one great kid and I am one Lucky mom!
Thanks to everyone that took the time to come see us!
We love you all....
I tried to get pictures of everyone that came, but I missed some of you... sorry!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Branson, MO 2013 Part 1

SLC Airport getting ready for our Trip to BRANSON!!!!!!
you can't tell by the look on Brayd's face but we really were EXCITED!!
It is a blessing we could even go. We only found out 3 days before that they were going to let Brayd go :)
Notice Tyler wriggling her tooth... it feel out why we were in Branson, but we didn't get a picture :(
6/14/13@ too early in the morning for Brayd to be happy!

Tyler and Brylie in the St Paul MN Airport.
We had a 2+ hour lay over,
it was a very nice airport to have a long  lay over at.

And we are here...well, almost
Kansas City, MO
now all we have to do is load up and Drive 3.5 hours to Branson.

We had to make a potty stop on our way to Branson and we just so happened to stop at this cute little cheese place.
they had every kind of cheese you could dream up!
we also stopped here on our way home so we could all get some more of their yummy cheese!

Tyler trying the chocolate cheese...she is not a fan!
But it was fun to watch her reaction!

This is where we stayed while in Branson... The Brick Hotel
it was a cute little family ran hotel (there are lots of those here)
It was pretty nice after they got the A/C in our room fixed!

This was on of the kids favorite thing we did in Branson...
Ride  the Ducks!
yep and we still get to listen to them "Quack"

Very first performance in Branson. They did a great job!
6/15/13 @ the Haygood Show,
which BTW was AWESOME!

All the Clogger's with the Haygoods

Silver Dollar City BABY!
This was one of the prettiest, cleanest most fun theme park I have been to in a while.
The kids loved it and so did the adults!
Happy Father's Day Trav!

Their favorite ride... Powder Keg!
this sucker went FAST!

This was another hit with the kids (and Adults)
It is called the Tracks and they have 5 tracks to race Go Karts on, some were 5 stories high!
We got to spend most of the day there...then they performed at the Dutton's show.
Then they had track 4 open for us until Midnight! Well.... more like 11:45 :)
Trav and the kids LOVED this. They are fearless and crazy drivers!

More Go Kart riding...track 3.
It started to rain, but the kids didn't mind, they just kept on driving.

After they were all wet from the rain, they decided to have a big water fight in the bumper boats!
they were SOAKED and loved every min of it!

 We found a FUDD'S!!!!!
We are BIG fans of Fudd's and now that they don't have one in Utah, we have to take advantage when we can.
Thank goodness this was a good one (we went to on in Vegas that wasn't) Wait, I would  even say a DELICIOUS one!
So of course we had to go 2 days in a row... once for lunch on 6/18/13 and then again on 6/19/13!
It was heaven!

White Water!
Once again this was the cleanest prettiest water park I have ever been to!
It makes 7 peaks look like the ghetto!
It was a fun day to get burnt... and we did! (even Brayd)
Sorry, I tried to turn the picture the right way, but it a no go!

The kids soaking up the sun @ Water Water!
After, we all had pizza at Pizza world, but sadly no pictures :(