Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It' A Girl!!!!!!!!
My little sister Bri just found out she is having a girl :)
Finally some more cousins for my kids. (actually we are having a baby boom this year and I am loving it!!!) And girls are in short supply in my family, so hooray!!!! Congrats Bri and Phillip.

Monday, March 30, 2009

St George Trip 2009

Every year we go down to St George for Tyler's clogging competition. It is always a nice break and the weather always makes us wish we lived there. This year was no different. Thanks to My WONDERFUL friend Roper we had a great time. On Friday we stopped by the Temple to see what there schedule was (Trav and I did a session on Sat) and while we were there we took a tour of the visitor center. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot!!! If you have never been I suggest you take your families and go . Then we went to dinner at this fun little pizza place.On Sat we got up early and went to clog,clog,clog Tyler did great she took 2 first place and one second place in her all-around-solos. We will find out how her team did later.(she did her solos earlier) We met up with Jean and Daun (Syd and Maycie clog too) and the kids (Syd,Maycie and Riley) all wanted to stay, So my WONDERFUL friend Roper let us ALL stay. Thanks a million, I know I owe you big!!!! We all had a lot of fun.We had a BBQ and the kids played and played .
At the visitor center they have inter active movies you can watch.

Brayden listening to stories in The Book of Mormon.
pick any language you want!!!!

Our little family in front of the St George Temple !!!!!

This is the fun Pirate Pizza place we went on Friday night with the Jorgensen's

look at these cute Pirates!!!

Trav is helping Tyler shoot :)

Brayden is a pro all by himself!!!!
This was a really fun place. Thanks Roper and family for taking us.

Tyler's Clogging Competition......
Look how cute, Tyler doesn't like her outfit (mostly because it is itchy), but they look good to me!!!!

This is most of her team as they are getting ready to finish their 1st dance.

Tyler clogging up a storm.

Back at Roper's House.........

They were having fun playing house with Issac. While the Bigger kids were out playing night games.
just a little to scary for them

Bet you can't tell these girls were having fun!!!!

Brayden and Syd racing, while Paige and Riley cheered them on.
I think they just wanted their turn :)

Aw, finally all asleep. It was about 12:30 ish. There were two extra bedrooms (with beds) they could have used but they all wanted to have a BIG sleep over!!!!
I think Riley went and used one of the extra beds sometime during the night

This is what Trav and I got to wake up to at 7 am.
Two giggling, singing, happy girls

They were hiding from the other kids,it took them almost an hour to find them. Sneaky little things!!!
On the way home......

Look at this happy car load of cute kids.
And they stayed that way most of the way home!!!!!!


This is what we got to come home to :(

After 70 degree weather we all wanted to cry

Tylers fabulous cookies

Tyler wanted me to show everyone the cookies she made all by herself. In case you can't tell she is VERY proud. She made these last week for F.H.E. I told her she could use what ever kind of chocolate chips she wanted. (My BAD) They actually tasted pretty good.
Like all good cooks, you must lick your fingers to make sure it is good enough to share!

OK, she used Milk chocolate chips, Heath chips, Peanut butter chips, and M&M's.
Yeah, there were more chips then cookie dough :)

Don't try this at home!!!!!!!! (or anywhere else)

Brayden had on one of those fake tattoos.The kind that are supposed to come off with soap and water. Well, he got in the shower and tried to get it off (with soap and water)but he is super patient like his mom. So when it didn't come off immediately,he decided to get out one of my Mr. Clean magic erasers. Yikes!!!!!!!! Needless to say it took off the top 3 layers of his skin.Well it's off now isn't it. He didn't even say a word to anyone. I noticed he was acting kind of funny (hunch backed and all).I asked him what was wrong and he finally spilled the beans. Now these pictures actually look really good, it is now all scabbed over and it cracks and bleeds all over his shirts. Poor kid. I felt terrible he didn't ask for help. I forget he is almost 12 and there is NOTHING more embarrassing then the thought of your mother coming anywhere near the bathroom while you are showering.
Looking back these pictures look great! I don't know what is in those Mr clean things, but I do know it burns right through your skin. By morning he had big blisters :(

Maybe next time he will ask for help!!!!!

Brayden just informed me there WON'T be a next time

Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor Trav next time for sure.......

Well, I have some bad news............ Because they changed Tyler's clogging competition to Sat instead of Fri . Trav will be missing his next meet :( So he can go watch Tyler clog. (He is the BEST DAD EVER!!!) Sorry to everyone who is waiting for pictures from the meet. But, I do have a little video (for your viewing pleasure) from them practicing this week. He is getting so good. Is there NOTHING he isn't good at??????

He is the one in black and white. The good one !!!

Sorry Troy and Dave :)

We love to see the temple...

On March 14th we went up with our ward to see the Draper Temple. It was a great experience. How often do you get to be in the celestial room with your kids?????? (The spirit wasn’t quite the same as it is after they dedicate it, but it was certainly still there!!!) One of the kid’s favorite things about the temple was the baptismal font. Brayden can’t wait to turn 12. He wants Trav to schedule a trip to the temple as soon as he can go with the Young men. It is hard for me to believe he is almost old enough. On Sunday Trav and I went to the dedication. It too was a great experience. I am thankful to have such an awesome little family!!!!!!!

In the church waiting to go into the chapel to watch a short movie.
(a lot of waiting this day but ,well worth it)

Tyler showing off her brochure!!!!!

This is us on the BLUE bus on our way up to the temple.

in front of the Draper Temple

Tyler's allergies were acting up in the wind so while we were waiting for the BLUE bus again,we had a little snuggle time :)
I love snuggle time any chance I get!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trav's new baby !!!

What a HAPPY BOY !!!!!!! This is his new Trials bike a 2007 Gas Gas (yes, that is what it is called....Really) He had to miss his Feb 28th meet because the bike didn't get here in time (SAD)But he said it was worth it and he is now READY to go for the meet this month. Hopefully I will have pictures of the meet this time. The last one we didn't get any (my camera was miss placed for a month or so)
What a good looking bike!!!!

Even a better looking Boy !!!!!
(lucky me)

Happy Birthday Porter!!!!!!!

We had Porter over for his Birthday dinner. We had a lot of fun and after dinner, cake and present. We went over to visit ( and took dinner and cake) to grandmas. She isn't up for going out these days :( Wish I had pictures of that but the two posted are all I was able to take of this fun event. ( my camera went dead!!!!!)
Tyler thinks her Uncle Porter is pretty fun

This is the cake Tyler made for Porter (all by herself) She is getting to be a very good little cook!!!! I think we only ran into 1 maybe 2 egg shells :) but hey it was made with TONS of love. (and sprinkles so it was super crunchy anyways)

The kids have spring fever BAD!!!!!!

The poor kids are just dying for some nice weather. We went out west to ride a few weekends ago but, it was still way too muddy. So we make do with what we have. (Good thing they are easy to please). They are happy to just go around the yard.
Looks like Trav is having just as much fun as they are!!!!!

Trav wishes there was a way to put little rakes on the back of the 4 wheelers so they could be raking up the yard while they were having so much fun.

Brayden is egging Tyler on to catch him!!!!
(what is he thinking?????)