Monday, August 31, 2009

What we have been up to in Heber...

Reading good books together EVERY night before bed.
Now Trav is home early enough to do it every night.
Waiting in LONG lines to register the kids for school :(
Tyler was our photographer in this pic
Making Delicious goodies! Tyler is becoming a good little cook :)
This one is fresh peach pie. YUMMY
Spending a LOT of time at the library!!
I must say the library up here is amazing!!
Swimming LOTS, and LOTS of swimming
Thank goodness it closes right after Labor Day!
After spending every day (except Sundays) at the pool I am so ready for a break!!!

Found it!

This first picuter is of the boys (by boys I mean every little and some big boys in the neighborhood) playing army men. It was a nice destraction from moving. I even caught Trav out there seeing who was winning! I think Ethan ended up with the most guys still alive :)

Then here are the 2 crazy girls giving each other pumps on Brayden's bike. They thought they were HOT stuff!!

Oh, how I miss that neighborhood!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


OK, so as most of you know I am CRAZY when it comes to my family! I tend to go completely insane over my kids especially when it comes to school. So keep this in mind and have a little sympathy for me would you? I am extremely selfish and love my time with them. So, one of my least favorite times of the year is BACK to school. Sure the shopping and new clothes are great but, the rest just stinks. Like I have said before I don't like change and neither do my kids. Poor Trav just sits back and tries to sooth his crazy emotionally whacked out wife during this hard time, but this year has been over the TOP!!! First of all I am in uncharted territory, and in my book that is reason enough to freak out.

So yesterday was a big day for us...... 9 am go to Brayden's school registration. Have any of you signed your kids up for swimming lessons and had to wait like 3 hrs in a sea of crazy moms?? Well this was worse. First you had to wait in a line to get your schedule... then to get your lunch stuff figured out... then for music stuff... then for t-shirts, a green thing, and locker info (yes I did say LOCKER)... then they had to get their picture taken for student ID...and last but not least busing info (which I am still on the fence about). While we were there we learned that there are OVER 790 kids for 5th and 6th grade.With 14 6th grade classes. SMALL town my big fat rear end!!! I tried to not look terrified but it was written all over both of our faces. So again I had to lie (I am turning into a liar, but hopefully not) I told Brayd with that many kids he is going to have TONS of new friends, how could he not? So with that we left feeling very small. (and afraid)

On to our next adventure, his 12 year old check up. Brayden was upset because his friend told him that at this appointment they pulled down your pants and check your stuff. GREAT this is something neither one of us are ready for!!!! How did this happen just the other day he was in here we are sweaty palms and pounding chest going to his big boy check up. Thank fully we averted the whole pants thing and shots, our lucky day indeed! Because he is going into 6th grade (thank goodness for a Sept birthday) he doesn't need any of that until next year. You can bet your bottom dollar that Trav will be the lucky winner for that trip, and I will be home eating bon bons and trying to figure out just where the time has gone.

So after all that trauma it was nice to go relax in our old neighborhood for a few hours while waiting to take the little miss to clogging. It is so nice to have Friends who will let you hang out and feed you dinner. We played musical houses going from one friend to the next. It was a blast, can't wait for next week! (I will need it too. It will be the first day of school for us, perhaps there will be bon bons? or at least Oreos)

Then off to help grandma and home which was the last traumatic thing of our very long day! Let’s just say I HATE driving that canyon at night. It took me forever to get home and I was sure I was going to plow a deer and kill my poor innocent kids in the back. I was sure glad to make it safe, and Trav was quite proud of my bravery :)
OK, I had some pictures from this eventful day, but the camera is no where to be found. I am hoping it will show up soon. So no pictures, you will just have to use your imagination on this one. Sorry!

Friday, August 21, 2009

We are all moved! (SAD)

I just wanted to tell everyone we are here safe, but still trying to get settled. It has been a real culture shock and we haven't even left the State:(
First I want to thank all of my wonderful friends (they have already come to visit! Some a few times) THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I don't know what I have ever done to deserve such good friends, but I am so grateful to have you. I also want to thank every one who took the time out of their busy schedules to help us get out so fast. We greatly appreciate it.
I will post more about our adventure and some pictures soon. (as soon as I can dig out my camera) The kids don't start school until Sept.1, so we have a few weeks to get used to this. Blessing come in all shape and sizes don't they?
Speaking of BLESSINGS my baby sister had a beautiful baby girl on Tues. Congrats Bri!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


YUCK!!! I am not a big fan of change, especially when it comes to major things in my life. I am a creature of habit. I like my routine, and schedules in which I am accustom to and comfortable with. I am a list maker, goal setter, and a planner. (Yes I make a mental list and set goals for the next day before I go to sleep every night, why do you think it takes me so long to fall asleep?) I enjoy the feeling of getting things done and accomplishing my goals it helps me to stay on track and remember what is important to me. I am telling you this for 2 reasons. The first is to remind myself that change can be GOOD, it builds character and helps you grow. 2nd is the blessing you receive as you build this character and growth. I have survived some Major changes in my life and have managed to do OK. In May of ‘91 I endured the biggest change in my life, in which I was able to build MAJOR character which in return I received MAJOR blessings. It took me 7 years to realize just how blessed I was, but I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned... Family is EVERYTHING!!! Not jobs, money, houses, cars, hobbies, or friends (although some friends are family) Nothing is more important to me than my little family. This being said I am having a hard time remembering my own advice!

This has been our home for the last 4.8 years

I have lived in the same area for over 22 years, and I love it. I love the people, parks, schools, stores, friendly atmosphere, our ward, and most of all the familiarity of this area I have called home, but it is now time to build some more character. We have sold our house and we are supposed to close next week. I think I have been in denial, and secretly hoping this day wouldn't come. (Sorry Trav! Don't be mad) But it is here staring me in the face, so here we go. Unfortunately my kids love change as much as I do. So I did what any good mother would do… I told a little white lie. (Hey maybe it will become the truth) That it will be just as good; if not better than it is here, and they will make tons of new friends. The ward, schools, and neighbors will be 2ND best in the world (they would never fall for saying the best, because they know that is what we have NOW) Meanwhile I am doing my best to suck it up and be as excited as I can. (We still don’t know where we are going to live, or where the kids will be going to school, and YES we are running out of time! (Again, NOT my style.) However I am honestly thrilled for the reward of moving. Trav will be MINUTES away from home!!!! HE will be able to come home for lunch, (that’s like a date a day HOORAY!) go to the kid’s school things, and be home earlier every night. So for that I will pack up my things and leave the house and neighbors I love, for something I love MORE. Trav is not a selfish person. He wouldn’t do anything just to make his life easier. He ALWAYS puts us first, so I know this is the right thing to do for our family. I just need to rely on faith and remember my own advice.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love this kid!!!

I was sitting in church today with this little miss hanging all over me, and I thought to my self... How lucky am I? She is such an amazing kid. She knows what she wants and she does what ever it takes to get it. She is true to herself no matter what. She is a good sister, friend, and helper. She even manages to keep her mom in line too. Thanks Tyler for all the joy you bring into our family!!!
We love you.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Here are the last pictures of our trip. We love Kona! (it was what I thought Hawaii was going to be like.) Like I said we had hundreds of pictures, so if you want to see(hear) more e-mail me and I will give you the longer version.