Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grandma Lee's famous Easter egg hunt

This is Tyler's favorite holiday. She can't wait for Grandma Lee's Easter egg hunt. All the grand kids and great grand kids get together and have the best Easter egg hunt in the whole wide world!(this is straight from the kids mouth)They get lots of candy and money. Then we have a BBQ or sloppy joes and lots of good salads and Jen's awesome desserts. It is a great time and we are so glad Grandma Lee and Grandpa Jim do this for us every year. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Troop Beverly Hills all the way part 2

Sorry, I should have put part 2 first . So just go ahead and read the one below this first and I will try not to confuse anyone again. Here are some more pictures of our trip............ kids playing in the pool
This is the giant tub in the master bed room, and the kids love to get in and swim. A super cool thing about this tub too is.... you can also watch T.V. while in the tub.(since we don't have T.V. at home this is a real treat)
enjoying some Ice cream...............Yummy
telling jokes by the fire (place)
Trav still soaking up his down time.
(good for him this is a rare moment )

Troop Beverly Hills all the way!!!!

This is are way of camping. If you want to go hiking ,well you just start walking up the trail. If you want to sit in front of a fire and sing camp songs, go right ahead they have fire places(in room) or fire pits(randomly placed outside through out the resort) take your pick. you can BBQ ,dutch oven or use the full kitchen in your room. And the swimming if you ask the kids is out of this world!!!! They love to go up when it is snowing outside. They think there is nothing cooler then swimming in the snow.(don't worry the pool is heated in the winter)Any way to make a long story short we are this is how we love to relax and camp. Isn't this beautiful!!!!
the kids love the waterfall
Trav relaxing by the pool reading his book
Brayden diving in
Tyler doing her version of a dive she likes feet first !!!!

Summer fun!!!!!

They all had so much fun playing on the slip-n-slide. (you can't see the neighbor kids in these pictures but, they were all here enjoying the day too.)Tyler bottom first
Brayden did a 180
here she goes again
Brayd does a face plant
what a great day !!!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tyler's Clogging

This was Tyler's first year clogging and she absolutely Loved it!!!!! Her group this year were the "peewee's". They danced to two songs; limbo and splish splash. Thanks to everyone who came out to support her on her big night. It meant a lot to her. And to all of you that live to far away well............ This post is for you. ENJOY!!!

Love Tyler and her family

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Working with dad on 8-16-08

look at this helper

Brayden had his first experience working with Trav, and as you can tell by the ear to ear grin on his face he had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! They went to Sunny side canyon(??????) just past Price. Brayden got to drive the 4 wheeler, build a fire, camp over night and earn $20.00.What more could you ask for!! They had so much fun. Tyler and I had a girls day and then went and had a fun dinner at the Mall. Where we went and shared a kids meal from chick-fil-a, rice and noodles from the Chinese place and a pretzel from the pretzel place and for dessert.......... Sees candy. This was Tyler's big idea and she was on cloud 9. We too had lots of fun but, we missed our boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kirsten and Cody Came to Town riding on a Harley

Well , I don't really know if it was a Harley, but Tyler said it was so who am I to argue? They were on their way down to Cody's uncles house (Richfield???????????) and stopped by on their way to say"Hi". The kids were at swimming lessons so they got to show off some of their mad swimming skills!!! It was nice to see them even if it was short. Hopefully they will be able to come down for the kids Birthdays in September. As soon as I figure out how to do the slide show thing I will be able to add more pictures per title, but like I have said..... still learning and trying to catch up. ( not fast enough for Tyler she has tons of things she wants me to post about her)

May 18, 2008

This was a fun family packed day. First we went and visited with Chris and Grandma P. It was sure good to see Chris again we have missed her now that is living in Oregon. Then it was Baby Kaisen's blessing at Tiff's mom's house. It was blistering hot but he was a little trooper.

Tyler and Chris @ Grandma P's

Porter, Tiff and Kaisen (oh,how cute)

Brayden and Kaisen

Tyler and Kaisen

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is Tyler's little buddy Jax,though we share him the kids think he is the greatest . Tyler wouldn't allow me to skip this most exciting news. Here are a few pictures of him growing up. The last one is of Tyler teaching Jax to sit and shake. She has also taught him to lay , kennel, up and go get it!!!! She is very proud of herself for being such a good teacher and Jax for being so SMART. (as she puts it)

Tylers 1st tooth that she lost on 2/25/2008

Tyler wasn't good with just one picture of her second tooth she lost, so we had to sort through hundreds of pictures to find the one of her 1st tooth!!!! Like I have said these next post are going to be random (and probably a lot of Tyler) as I let the kids pick the pictures and events they want to share from the past year. Hopefully once I get caught up this will be a lot more organized. Shame on me for procrastinating!!!!!!
Tyler with all her teeth..........................and now missing one

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tyler ReNae

Tyler has also had a very busy year so far. She completed 1st grade, level 2 in swimming , clogging, her 1st year in softball and she has taken on the piano (I must say she is doing very well).Oh, yes sorry she has also lost 2 teeth !!! She is 6 going on 30, and loving every minute of it. You will be seeing a lot more pictures of what this girl is up to. She loves to send,see,and take pictures of anything and everything. When we get a little better at this we will post more often.

She lost a tooth on 5/26/08 !!! This is the 2nd one I think, but just as exciting

Tyler 1st grade

Tyler was on the Phillies this year, she was the catcher and loved it!!!!!!!!

up to bat

Brayden Jared

Brayden enjoys playing baseball ,swimming ,and playing with his friends. This year he has completed 4th grade (can you believe in less than a week he will be in 5th grade!!!!!), passed the 4th level in swimming ,took 2nd in city baseball and in September he will be finished with Learning Technics!!!!! He has been one busy boy. He will Post more pictures later.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to our Blog

Well, after much pleading from family and friends I have decided I will try the blog thing. With family scattered all over the place I will admit this is an easy way to keep everyone up dated. This has been a fun and busy year so far I will try to back track with pictures and a tell all soon .( I think I need to give Amy a call to get a few pointers on how to get this a little more organized!!!!)