Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Determination !!!!!!!!

Trav caught Brayden practicing his trumpet .............. he is trying so very hard to get the theme song from Star Wars down. We are all so excited at his improvement!!!!! Keep up the good work. Oh, yes Brayden wants me to tell you we just ordered him a new black trumpet. It will be his very own. (we were just renting this one ) He can hardly wait until it gets here, we will have to show you when it comes :)

Growing up so fast!!!!!!

This picture was taken on her birthday

look what happens when you turn 7 !!!

You guessed it .............. Another missing tooth!!!! She is so excited. She is hoping the other one will fall out and neither will grow back in until after Christmas, so she can sing All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brayden the Trumpet Player

Brayden has been playing the trumpet for only 2 weeks. (when this was taken) So with that being said I think he is doing very well. The first week he spent hours just blowing into the trumpet hoping for any sound to come out :) It will be fun when I post his end of year concert so you can all see his improvement. With Brayden and his Trumpet and Tyler learning the piano, we are living in musical bliss!!!!!!!

Tyler's first soccer game

Tyler had her very first soccer game and she is loving it. Their team's called The Leopards and she is the only girl. (she doesn't seem to mind) Here are just a few pics for your enjoyment :). Go Leopards !!!!!!!
The Goalie
Nice save, Tyler

Family Party

The kids had another fun day. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come and celebrate with us!!!!!looking under the plates to find their prizes
Grandma Daley, Grandma Lee, Grandpa Jim
Grandma Ina Mae holding up her prize
what a good lookin' bunch
Tyler, Porter, Brayden, Aunt Shel
Brayden and Grandpa Randy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lunch at Olive Garden and a sleep over

I do this every time SO Sorry, I always post them backwards. So read the one just below this one first :( . Any way, we all went to lunch at Olive Garden had a wonderful lunch and opened presents; then we went back to Boondocks until 8 pm. Then we had a sleep over with Kirst and Cody. Watched Troop Beverly Hills (of course, Kirsten's fav)and ate Fat sticks with Cheese and ranch ( another Kirsten fav) Thanks to everyone who made this such a great day!!!! Just waiting our turn to golf
Brayden opening his present....... a bionicle
Tyler's turn ........ a baby boy (her fav kind) that drinks and wets!!!!!
The sleep over :)
Time to say good bye.

Kids Birthday Party at Boondocks

The kids had their friend party at Boondocks in Draper. It was so fun. We drove cars ( go carts ), got soaked on the bumper boats ( the boys did NOT play nice!!!!! ), did a few rounds of miniature golf, and every ones favorite LASER TAG ( girls turn to not play nice :) !!) It was a great day Kirsten and Cody even joined us for all the fun.

Tyler and her BFF Emily getting ready to drive for the first time ever!!!! (can't you just see the excitement )

Emily and Brayden Racing each other

A friendly little attack on Trav (he so deserved it )

Trav doesn't go down easy!!!! Poor Brayden, needless to say he got drenched!!!!!!

Like Father, Like Daughter :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where did the Days (Years) go?????

As the kids Birthdays approached we were thinking of how fast they have grown up!!!! It seems like just yesterday they were little. So being the crazy mom that I am, I found a few (not even a 1/100th) pictures I thought you would like. Now, normally I am not a baby but everyone knows when it comes to my kids(& Trav) well..........I'm hopeless. For all of you that see them a lot you too will be in shock at how fast they have grown. And for those of you who only remember them this way(because it has been so long since you have seen them)well then this whole Blog has been a shock to you. Either way Enjoy!!!!!!

Crazy Biking Fools

This is one of our favorite activities. The kids love learning new tricks from their dad!!! They are getting very brave. (which scares me to death) Trav got a new Trials bike a few weeks ago and turned one of the kids old bike into a kid size one; so that means off to the skate park every chance we get. Brayd & Tyler racing

Brayd watching Trav do some cool tricks!!!!

Trav and his friend Troy

Oops, Tyler took a spill ...........but she is always good to get up and try again!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I know I know

We are experiencing a few technical difficulties with the picture thing. I will post about the kids Birthdays and every thing else soon I promise. I can't believe how much happens in a week. Give me Two ..... Three days top and they will be up!!! So very sorry.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Happy Granparents day to all of our Grandparents!!!! (If there isn't a picture of you sorry it just means we don't have any saved in our computer :( )We love and appreciate all you do for us.I know I am so very thankful for my Grandma. I don't know what I would do with out her and the example she is to my family. Hope you all had a great day. Love, The Daley's

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Way to go Brayden!!!!

For any of you that know about Brayden's Learning Technics , Then you know this is a BIG deal!!!! I am so proud of him (and Trav) for all of their hard work, commitment and patience. It has been a long pain staking 27 weeks (6 days a week with no breaks) but, It has definitely paid off. Thank you so much to everyone who as helped, encouraged, supported and been a shoulder to cry on. ( for everyone involved) Brayden has come out of this with so much. I will forever be in awe at his abilities and strength. I am so thank full to Trav for his continued love, support,time,and his never ending patience. I love my amazing family!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yes and I am also proud of Tyler for her willingness to be understanding and quiet while Brayden worked on this week after week . He did It :) !!!!!
Brayden with Susan

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tyler's FHE Treat

This is Tyler and her BFF Emily. They made us a delicious Family Home Evening treat. Dirt cups??? (Chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs, and gummy worms) They were so realistic we even had little dirt clumps. :) The girls were so proud for making them all by themselves. Man, my kids are growing up fast!!!enjoying the sweet reward of their hard work