Sunday, April 19, 2009

This was Tyler's first time ever being on a Trials bike. She did pretty well , after she figured out the twist throttle. (the 4 wheeler she uses her thumb) She was so proud of her self, and you'll never guess what she wants now?!? Maybe in a few years. She still can't touch flat footed, so her mean mom says "not yet". You would have to see what they go on,(big rocks, steep hills ) to understand why that is so important. But I am sure the day she can (stand flat footed ) the begging will start.

Little Moab 2009

Trav took FIRST place again, great job!!!!!! It was a fun, beautiful day for his meet and he did so good. I always get so nervous because he is going straight up these HUGE rocks.(and I have seen people fall off, down, what ever you want to call it) Trav has only almost fell once but it is enough to make me hold my breath every time!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

When we are helping we're happy?????

Well it is that time of year........YARD WORK. We had someone come and power rake our yard (it is supposed to be good for it) It makes the biggest mess! So now we have to rake up and haul off all the dead grass. Fun right? Well it can be (when you have a cool dad who rigs your 4 wheeler) The kids thought it was great . Before this great invention however, there was a lot of whining, but after the 4 wheelers were up and running it was all smiles. I guess Santa Clause was right. These 4 wheelers were a good idea :)

Slave labor........ raking dead grass.
(doesn't this just break your heart?) PLEASE

I can NOT believe what mean parents we are!!!!!!!

Oh, sure now it is all fun and games

Poor over worked kids :)

He was having way too much fun making a BIG grass pile.
We actually worked until pass dark (I wasn't kidding when I said it makes a BIG mess.) Our yard better look fabulous this summer.

Thanks Trav for all of your hard work!!!!!
truth be told he did all of the HARD work

It's Tyler what can I say?!?

Tyler got this "way cool curling iron thing" for Easter, so of course at 7 am the next morning she was up and ready to have her hair curled. Thanks Easter Bunny!!!!!! No, it really wasn't that bad it only took about 25 min or so, and we were both glad it worked. She HATES to leave her hair down, but her dad LOVES it down. This is their compromise. ........................

Not bad huh?!?!?! They were both happy with the results. I have a feeling I will be curling it a lot more often :)

Much to my delight it stayed in most of the day

This is what else Tyler got for Easter, and again the results were........

What did Brayden get you ask??? Well he got the 1st season of this FAVORITE TV show..................... THE BRADY BUNCH

sorry no pics, he doesn't go around begging to have his picture taken it must be a boy thing

Easter 2009

Every year Grandma Lee and Grandpa Jim put on the best Easter egg hunt and this year was no different. The kids have so much fun. We really appreciate all of their hard work.
Tyler and Maycie

the big kids


We always love being invited to the westwood's and this year the Judd family was there too. It was great seeing them again!!!!!
Kenny always does a great job at hiding the 100's of eggs (I am not kidding 100's)

I think it took almost 2 hours worth of hunting to find most.

Tyler, Emily, and Brayd waiting to start the hunt

I had to help the girls
did I mention these eggs were hidden (hard)

everyone looking adults and kids alike

Even though it was rainy and cold we had a blast
Thanks everyone who worked so hard to make it such a fun day!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, Crazy Aunt Daun this one is for you........

Tyler had Clogging pictures on Monday, and she wanted her hair curly. So on Sunday we had to put her hair in crazy buns (it takes soooooo long to dry because of her long hair) but her hair won't stay curled if we try to curl it with a curling iron,because it is so fine and thin. POOR GIRL!!!!!

so this is what she had to endure
don't mind the MESSY bathroom in the back ground, our mornings are brutal !!!!!!

Tyler's favorite part is when you take out the buns, and her piggies are in ringlets

The end result is totally worth it, a beautiful head of curly hair,and one happy Little Miss :)

I would have taken better pictures of the finished product but, we were running late!!!!