Thursday, February 26, 2009


Brayden got on the computer this evening and happened to looked at the blog. He informed me he is NOT little!!!!!! (but thanked me for not saying "baby boy") I guess when your almost 12 it is not cool being referred to as"little"or "baby" anymore. Gee, all these new rules that I am just not used to yet. Any way sorry Brayd.

My poor little boy !!!!!!!!!

I had to take Brayden to the Dr. on Monday because he was coming down with Strep!!!! Yuck, NOT FUN. But while we were there I had the Dr. take another look at a mole we were watching on his leg . (just below his knee) He took one look at it and said "Yikes, Oh no that doesn't look good at all" Nice huh, just what every mother wants to hear. So they had to remove it immediately and send it in for a biopsy.( we should hear something back in a week or 2) Brayden was OK with the plan until he heard the words ...needle and a few stitches then he was out!!!! It took a few minutes of convincing him that it wouldn't be as bad as it sounded. So he finally agreed and it went pretty good. He is one Brave Boy!!!!!
So here is a picture of this battle wound.
He gets his 2 stitches out next week :)
we will keep you posted on the result of the biopsy

Once there was a snowman Tall Tall Tall (over 7ft )

The kids decided they wanted to make a"huge" snowman, and once they make their mind up there is no getting in their way!!!!!! First you start out with a tough little snow ball.
Then you just keep rolling.........

And rolling............

and rolling.........

Yep, you guessed it........just keep rolling

until you just can't roll any more!!!!!!!!

Now this is a Snowman!!!!!! You should have seen Trav stack up the monster snowballs.(sorry no pics of that :( ) He said they weighed well over 100 lbs !! (much to the kids delight)Yes, it was quite the project to get Mr.Snowman to stand up straight. (OK a little to the right, but mostly straight)

They had to pull the kid table over to reach the face. The kids quickly realize they needed bigger eyes and nose then just buttons so they used baseballs instead.

The finished project!!!!!! Everyone at church the next day was talking about the big snowman over the fence.The kids beamed with joy over their famous Snowman. Sadly it only lasted a few days.............Then like all good things it came to an end. Tyler was kind of excited because if it could melt her big snowman then SPRING must be on the way!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The cutest Tornado I've ever seen !!!

Last time Kaisen was at our house Tyler entertained him with her build a bear stuff. In case you can't tell he liked the basket everything was in much better than the bears themselves. Tyler had a blast playing with him though. We LOVE it when he comes and visits. So come again soon!!!!! Oh, and just a quick up date; we will be getting another NEPHEW. Cody and Jen found out they are having a BOY (in June)!!!! I just love baby boys. Bri will find out what she is having pretty soon too.(and if it happens to be a girl, good we love little girls too) All these new babies how fun, we can't wait!!!!! I just wish everyone lived closer :(
Look at these two cute kids
Gee, the face he is pulling reminds me of his dad :)

yummy........ socks

We miss you Kaisen and Tiff come back to visit soon!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FINALLY !!!!!!!

I finally got the stupid (I mean totally awesome) video to work. The kids are having so much fun on their 4 wheelers. They went out west to ride the other day but it was WAY too muddy. (sad) I guess we all have our reasons we can't wait for spring. Any way don't forget to check out the "super cool helmets" I think the kids love their gear just as much as the 4 wheelers. Lucky them since I won't even let them sit on the things with out their helmets on. I know PARANOIA !!!! But hey what can I say I'm a mom :)


Yeah, Thanks Trav!!!!! Well, here he is. Isn't he getting SO BIG? I hope you enjoy this. I will try to get more pictures of him so all of you that live so far away can keep up with his super fast growing powers . I swear kids these days must be born with some crazy growing gene :(