Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a diffrence 3 days make....

Lots of progress was made at the beginning of this week...HOORAY!!!!
The framers have taken the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving.
All of the interior and exterior walls are up; now we are just waiting on the trusses.
They will be delivered Mon. and set on Tues :)

Looks kind of short with no roof , next week :)
This is the view from the front of our house.... pretty huh?!?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grandma's Birthday Party

We had a great afternoon with family and friends! Thanks to everyone who took the time to come wish her a Happy Birthday!

House up date for this week...

Well we started framing this week. Yeah!!!! We got this far..... But, the good news is they will be back on Monday, ready to work (I hope)
The whole main floor is sheeted, and the garage walls are up :)

The basement is framed, it is just too bad the stairs were put in wrong :(
Oh, well they are going to fix them as soon as the house is dried in!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday weekend...

This year we went to Idaho for my Birthday, It was so much fun spending it with my silly sisters! (it has been since our mom died; that we have gotten to spend a birthday with all 3 of us)
Here we are Bri's B-day was on Thurs, and mine was on Sat.All the girls went to lunch and then shopping,
while the boys enjoyed a movie :)

Here is everyone that was there to party!
Actually after the girls went shopping, and the boys movie.
My wonderful sisters took my kids so Trav and I could go to dinner.
It was a GREAT DAY!!
Thank you sisters and Bro in law


This weekend Liberty was also dedicated!!
We found Tyler and Liberty matching dresses. (on our shopping trip)
They are both so precious!!!
I just love these girls!
What a Beautiful baby!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The house this week.....

The progress made this week was good!!!
We got our hole dug...
Since the sewer ended up being only 5 1/2 ft deep. We
(after MUCH thought and research) decided to NOT put in a pump and to still go with the 9 ft basement walls.
Here is to hopin' it all works out :)
Our beautiful footings...

The foundation with the frames still on
The kids playing in the basement after the frames had been stripped off
This is facing south.

Tomorrow they will damp proof it and put the window wells on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year Tyler was a cave girl and Brayden was a ZOMBIE....
Grandma Ina Mae and her "little loves"
The kids meet up with old friends
to do a little trick or treating in the old neighborhood!

Here are the pumpkins the kids made all by themselves.
I can tell my kids are growing up... this year Brayden had a hard time deciding if he was even going to dress up! (I guess he is getting to that age) When I saw what he finally decided to be I had my doubts ,but when he meet up with all of his "buddies" they all looked the same :)
He is getting to be so social it is kind of fun to watch ,but also very sad.
Tyler on the other hand; still likes her mom and dad to go with her... HOORAY for a few more years!!!
We have decided to go with the 9 ft basement!! They are putting the foundation walls up today and pouring them tomorrow :)