Sunday, February 8, 2009

FINALLY !!!!!!!

I finally got the stupid (I mean totally awesome) video to work. The kids are having so much fun on their 4 wheelers. They went out west to ride the other day but it was WAY too muddy. (sad) I guess we all have our reasons we can't wait for spring. Any way don't forget to check out the "super cool helmets" I think the kids love their gear just as much as the 4 wheelers. Lucky them since I won't even let them sit on the things with out their helmets on. I know PARANOIA !!!! But hey what can I say I'm a mom :)


Daun said...

Looks fun guys! You need to come out and give me a ride on them...Glad you're safe. Love Ya, Crazy Aunt Daun

Bri said...

Look at your cool 4 wheelers. Next time I come to visit I will have to watch you guys ride!! love and miss you both!!