Thursday, July 16, 2009

We made it home safe and sound!!!!

We are finally home from Hawaii. We went to the Big Island and Oahu, we had SO much fun!!
I will post pictures soon, we are all suffering from a little jet lag and the time difference.(the kids did great over there, but home is another story) And I am just getting over a horrific cold that I came down with right before we left :) plus I have to sift through hundreds of pictures. I am sure you don't want to see them all.
This picture was taken as we were getting ready to land in Oahu pretty huh?
Here is a little video of Trav, that I thought was hilarious!!!! It was taken at the P.C.C.


Ace said...

Oh Tiana,

Do I have stories for you!

I know what you mean about the way home. We went to Oahu last year with all 4 of the kids and half way home Tim was praying for a chunk of the fuselage to tear off, so he could go to his watery grave already!

Oh the stories! We MUST get together for lunch soon. I know we would just die laughing.

I know it doesn't seem so funny right now...but give yourself a week or two, and you and Trav will be laughing.

a Buzz in Your Ear said...

Was this your first time??? LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!!!

Allison said...

Sorry that last comment was from me. I have no idea why I was signed in under my husbands blog that he never started. Ha ha ha

Ace said...

1. select the small size

2. select left-upload

3. select center-upload

4. select right-upload

5. Align by using your mouse and delete key.

Hope that helps!!
If not--email me:)

Jared and Melisa said...

SoO fun I hope we get to see more pictures!