Friday, November 26, 2010

One of my favorite traditions is Black Friday! I have gone for as long as I can remember... this year I was lucky enough to take Tyler. She was SOOOOO EXCITED.

This year they switched it up on us and "Black Friday" actually started on Thursday night ( I am still on the fence if I like that or not???)
So Tyler and I left at 10 pm.... I was a little nervous about Tyler being able to stay up all night,I should know better than to worry about her, If she thinks she can she WILL!
It was freezing COLD and on the way down the canyon, and we were talking about how we would stay warm, when we turned the bend in the road and got greeted by a BIG bull moose,(Thankfully we didn't hit him) apparently he didn't know a bunch of Crazy women were driving down the canyon! We didn't see him on the way home so he must have gotten off the road safe!
We made it safely to Mod Bod, Wal-Mart, Aero, Denny's, Kohls, Target, Wal-Mart again and Bed Bath & Beyond... I was POOPED! But not Tyler she is a stinkin DIE HARD!
I finally told her we had to go home before I couldn't drive anymore. When we left Provo it was 18* not warm by ANY means but as we headed up the canyon the temp DROPPED!!
Tyler was on “deer duty” (…she doesn’t like how they are ALWAYS standing in or by the side of the road) But with one eye looking out for deer she had one eye on the thermometer. By the time we got home A little after 7 am it was -3.6* YIKES TOO COLD!!!!
However when we got home Trav had the electric blanket on and the house nice and warm!Tyler didn’t wait 2 seconds to climb in and she was OUT!!! The entire time we were gone she was bright eyed and so talkative but the second we got home that was it for her… she didn’t move a muscle for 6 hours!
We had a wonderful LONG Thanksgiving…. I am so grateful for my family, friends, the gospel, good health, traveling safety, and work! We are truly blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Megz said...

I bet Tyler will have fond memories of her late night/early morning out with mom.
I hatehatehate the cold!