Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good bye 2010!

This has been one difficult year for us! I thought moving to Heber was going to be my biggest adjustment and it turns out it has been one of the least of our trials. We started the year off with Grandma Ina Mae moving in with us (MAJOR ADJUSTMENT for our little family on the go... now we stay!) then shortly after that we lost one of our dearest family members which hurt us to the very core of our family… Grandma couldn’t sleep, eat or think straight for weeks and the kids have had their moments throughout the year. It seems like we have had just a little more sickness this year than we are use to, this could have something to do with Grandma, she catches and KEEPS everything! Then in Sept Trav’s company shut down (the reason we moved up here in the first place…stinky) but like with all trails and heartbreak it is usually followed by tender mercies.
We have been blessed to have the opportunity to build our home, start our own business, and I was able to get a job for Wasatch School District. We have also been blessed to have a “real” teenager in the house...Yep that is right Brayden turned the big 13 this year. He is now in Jr. High and likes to “hang out” with his friends. It is fun/sad for me to watch him go from a kid to a young man. There are days when I am ready to pull his hair and mine out, and then there are days when I just want to hug and kiss him like when he was little (which, by the way is NOT allowed…hugs every once in a while. But that is IT!) No, really he is a good kid and always makes the right choice when it really matters.
Tyler turned 9 and is a HUGE helper, a great clogger, doing exceptional in school (so is Brayd … he got straight A’s on his last report card) and prefers to spend her free time in Utah Co.
Trav is a busy business owner and dad. If he is not working, he is riding his bike or hanging out with us. How lucky are we?
I have been working at Tyler’s school and I think I could pass as a professional taxi driver with all the running around we do. I miss the Bank and my friends in Utah Co, but have made some good friends here too.
Grandma has managed to stay healthy over Christmas break which was a huge relief even with all her visitors. She is doing pretty good and says she will “stick around as long as she is happy”. Hmmm…. Feeling the pressure to keep her happy.
I think the lessons our family have learned this year, is to support each other through personal/family trials and love like there is no tomorrow.
Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with lots of love and good memories!

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Megz said...

You have had a very eventful year. It's great that you'd adjusted to everything so well.
Happy New Year!