Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well Blogger has been giving me fits lately :(
 This is the 3rd time I have tried to post something but when I hit "publish post " NOTHING...
 So here is a condensed version of the 3 post that didn't work (also the pictures aren't in order and I have tried for the last hour to get them straight with no luck! So it is what it is.)

We have spent many hours at the dentist this Summer getting ready for Brayden's braces.
I will post a picture of him with them on soon... if he will let me :)
This is Brayden on his first day of 8th grade. You will all be happy and proud to know I DIDN'T cry or even take him to school. Yes, I know I am growing up :)
He did ask me to take him, but we were home having Tyler trauma so Trav just took Brayden while I stayed home with Tyler. This was the FIRST time since preschool and I was in the hospital having Tyler that I haven't taken Brayden to school on the first day.
But I am happy to report we both made it without tears

Here is a picture of his back pack.
He wanted me to take a picture so he could always remember the "stupid" back packs they made him use in Jr. High

This is the Little Miss on her first day of 5th grade
The poor girl was TERRIFIED!( which didn't help her poor mom)

This was  her very first time trying to open her locker (it was stressing Brayden out)
there is a picture at the bottom of the page of her on the first day of school and she got it on the 1st is just too bad she can't reach the shelf.

This was their FAVORITE place this summer.

Having some fun at 7 peaks. School up here started a few days  after school in UT Co
So it was the PERFECT time to hit 7 peaks... Beautiful weather and not very busy.
Here they are again...
I didn't get very many pictures of us here because I didn't want to get my phone wet.
But this was one of their favorite places (besides the slides)
Here is Tyler putting her stuff away on the first day of school (which BTW we both shed a tear or two)
This was a whole new experience for her. Usually Tyler is pretty strong, but this ruffled her feathers a bit.
 I personally feel that 9 is too young to be in middle school with all of those kids (over 700 just in 5th grade), lockers, different teacher, etc.
But if anyone can handle it she can (and all of the other 700 + terrified kids.
FYI we were not the only trying to hold it together that day)
  This month, on the 15th to be exact, marks the 2 year mark that we have lived in Heber. This is supposed to be the year when we go from liking Heber to LOVING Heber and never wanting to leave. Hmmm.... we shall see :)
In other big news is we got a new van, just a few years newer than our other one and it is white this time. The kids love it because it has 2 TV's  and heated leather seats for them. I love it because it has remote start for the winter and it is paid for.

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Megz said...

I agree that Tyler is way too young for middle school! I'm dreading our junior high transition next year.
Your kids looked great and I always am envious of Tyler's great hair.
Good luck this school year!