Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brayden's first day of 1st grade.

And I though sending him to 1st grade ALL day long was bad!
Well, High School registration was tough! They were throwing words around like ACT score, GPA, Foreign language, Seminary, Drivers Ed, College Apps, AP classes, full ride scholarships, 4 short years…..
I swear someone was trying to get us both to have a heart attack! Surprisingly, I wasn’t the one freaking out the most! Don’t get me wrong I am glad, proud even that Brayden cares as much as he does about school. If he keeps it up he is right on track for that scholarship he is so determined to get.
 But then comes the flip side to that …the poor kid was hyperventilating the entire time! We have decided (for the mental health of everyone) now that he is registered for High School we are not going to talk about again until Aug! (Try not to that is)

He is a great kid and maybe that is why I just want him to slow down sooooo bad. I see and hear things some kids his age are doing and it makes me sick with worry!  I really wish he could have stayed 6 for a few more years. So far he is growing up to be a really good young man and I am so proud of him and pray my guts out for him every single day! I know these years of life he is going through are tough and the pressure it great. I never realized that the stress of watching/ experiencing Jr. High years as a parent would be so traumatizing.  But with any luck and LOT of prayers and love we will make it through and laugh about it later. Right?

Yes, I cried when I put this picture up... some days I just miss my little 6 year old and all of his snuggles! Don't get me wrong I love my 14.5 year old but the snuggles just aren't the same or as cool! I know I am a big fat baby!!!!


Allison said...

I'm so sad for my kids to grow up too! So glad I started my family later than all my friends so I can learn form them! :)

Misty said...

That is traumatic. I signed Tukk up for preschool and wanted to bawl my eyes out. High school registration will definitely do me in.

Jen said...

Tiana, I love this post. Life goes so quickly! I can't believe he's registering for High School!