Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay Linda this one is for you and I will try to be better from now on!

This summer has been a crazy one so far, filled with a lot and I mean LOTS of  Clogging, Karate and Babies! Oh and I better not forget Physical Therapy, and we have LOVED every min of it!
(okay not the PT, but the rest)

At the end of April Trav tried to cut his thumb along with half of his hand off with a splitting maul. As you can guess that was tons of fun. He ended up having a 4.5 hour surgery so they could repair ALL of the tendons, nerves and an artery in this left hand, so he is now enjoying months of PT and pain! Here we are 2 months latter and he still has no feeling and little movement, but at least he still has his hand!

this was about 4days after his surgery

Tyler has been up to nothing but clogging and I PROMISE I will go into more detail on that soon, but for now here is a cute little picture :)

The girls at Lagoon...they rocked it all first places!

And then .....THE BABIES!

Oh how we have been loving going to help take care of these two little ladies ! I too will dedicate a post just to the fun we have been having with them (soon I promise!)

Tyler and Sutton

This is what my kids did the entire time we were there!
I don't think they like these little girls at all :)

I will also update about Brayd and how Trav's hand is doing later, but for now I have got to go....

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