Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catalina Island part 3

What in the world ?????
(these shells move!!)

I guess they are not just shells after all .... they have little crabs inside of them.

(darn it now we can't take them home.)

This brave boat driver let Riley drive us back to the ship.

It is not cool to let people know how excited you really are about this..... so not trying to smile is the best idea :)

FINALLY , after much pleading we got him to look at us. What a great job he did!!!!

As everyone got of the boat they told him what a great job he did, and because he was the 1st one off ,and we were the last ones off ,he got to talk to every one ! WAY to much embarrassment for a 13 year old to take.
Back to the ship to get ready for Mexico .

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