Monday, October 20, 2008

Magic Mountain

We LOVED Magic Mountain!!!!!! It was so fun and we really enjoyed seeing everyone! I was going to just do a slide show because there are so many pictures but then we couldn't tell about them so Tyler wanted me to do it this way instead. So hope this isn't to much..... I know every ones vacation pictures are some times way too much if you weren't there. This is at the entrance of M.M

What a cute bus full of kids (and Brothers)

Tyler , Brianna, and Baby G enjoying a roller coaster ride!!!

Look how big they are getting !!!!!!!

( take your pick of who. From Riley to Baby G ,

they all grown up so much in a year)

Here are the CUTEST kids ever!!!!

This is for the Girls..... Bri, Kirst , Chris, & Mel
(just click on the picture to make it bigger)


The Brinkley Family said...

holy moly!! I have the cutes babies ever!! they are all so big!!!

T Daley said...

Wow Bri that is amazing you are fast with the comments :) give me an hour or so and I will get the rest up. We MISSED you wish you could have been there with your cute little family!!! Next year.

Love Tee