Monday, August 31, 2009

What we have been up to in Heber...

Reading good books together EVERY night before bed.
Now Trav is home early enough to do it every night.
Waiting in LONG lines to register the kids for school :(
Tyler was our photographer in this pic
Making Delicious goodies! Tyler is becoming a good little cook :)
This one is fresh peach pie. YUMMY
Spending a LOT of time at the library!!
I must say the library up here is amazing!!
Swimming LOTS, and LOTS of swimming
Thank goodness it closes right after Labor Day!
After spending every day (except Sundays) at the pool I am so ready for a break!!!


Ace said...

Ooooh, that library DOES look A- mazing!

Glad you are there, and for the most part settled? (I just said that realizing that I have no flippin' clue how settled you are)

I hope you're settled.

I'll meet you for lunch any time-and I'll drag my crazy mother along too:)

Maybe we can join you and trav for dinner sometime. Don't they have some good eats in Heber?

Misty said...

I'm glad you're surviving the big move - and the first day of school - so far! We get the cupcake ideas from a book called Hello Cupcake - you can buy it on Amazon for about 12 or 15 bucks. It's got super easy decorating ideas. Seriously - if I can do it anyone can do it. And thanks for the He-Man offer, but we've already got those episodes. It's He-Man mania at my house all the time! Glad to know there's someone else out there who remembers He-Man, though!

Megz said...

It's great to have husband help at bedtime isn't it? Hopefully that makes everything worth it!
That library does look fun--but so does the pool!

Daun said...

Good to see you are kinda adjusting! Happy Birthday Brayden tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya all, Crazy Aunt Daun