Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some of you have been wondering just what it is we do up here! Thankfully we have settled into a nice schedule. (I love having a schedule!!!) And it goes something like this:
Monday... Is my cleaning day! The only day of the week that I really clean, Trav usually has a lunch meeting, so I stay stinky and smelly until all of my house work is done! It also happens to be early out day for the kids; they get out at 2:30, then I pick them up and we go straight to the library! We LOVE the library up here, it is soooo great! After at least an hour, we head home to make dinner and get ready for FHE :)
Tuesday... Tues mornings I help out at Brayden’s School, then it is lunch with my honey, pick the kids up from school and we head down to Utah County for Tyler's clogging and to check on Grandma Ina Mae. This is our late night; we usually don't get home until 9 or so.
Wednesday... I do the fluoride treatments at Tyler’s school in the morning, again lunch with Trav, Piano lessons (both kids) right after school, and then it is Young men’s for Brayden ;)
Thursday... Back to Braydens school for a few hours, meet up with Trav for lunch, and this is my shopping day (food, cleaning stuff whatever we need) then every other week is achievement days for the little miss, this is the night of the week we just get to hang out... ahhhhhhhhhhh
Friday... This is the day I get to have adult conversation :) Some weeks I work at the bank from 9-1 and others I work 1-6 depending on which one; depends on if Trav gets to get off work early when the kids get home! Either way let the weekend began!!!!!
On the weekends we just hang out and enjoy each other’s company, and the company of family and friends.
So that is what we do, It is not too much different than what we did before, except I get to have lunch with Trav almost every day(Which I LOVE!!!!!!) and he gets home MUCH earlier.


Megz said...

I love having a schedule too.
Lunch with your husband...that would be a special treat!

T Daley said...

Meg it is!!! Lunch with him is the only thing that keeps me from going stir crazy up here!

Destri said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for adding us to your blogroll, it means a lot!
look forward to seeing you around,

Burke and Teresa said...

Tiana! I am so glad things are working out for you! Your schedule seems full, busy, but enjoyable! I was wondering if I could get your new address?