Thursday, October 1, 2009

We stayed the weekend at "Hotel Laforett" it is so good to have such GREAT friends! While there the kids and I helped Chaw move into their new house and Trav went on “the BEST bike ride of the year"! However he got hurt :( he wouldn't let me take pictures! Then we had a fabulous Sunday breakfast with Laforet’s, church, dinner with the Garner's, Syd's birthday party (sorry we were late), and then a visit to Grandma Ina Mae's and Grandpa Hyrum’s... whew!
We had a busy but fun weekend. Thanks everyone!!Don't ask me how kids can sleep like this and still walk in the morning!
Yes this is how they slept...Trav took this at about 2 am
First snow fall of the year!!
Brayden was dancing he was so excited.
Tyler is not sure... but look at the size of the flakes!
poor Brayden you can't see his cute little face

Still Dancing...
They did go out with some of the neighbor kids
and had a snowball fight after dinner,
But it was too dark to get any pics.

We got a lot more snow yesterday;
we are hoping it melts by this afternoon :)


Megz said...

We did not get snow. Thank heavens because I cried looking at those pictures---not ready for that!

Jared and Melisa said...

Its not time for snow yet! I hope it melts for you too :)