Monday, February 8, 2010

Donation fund info...

I just got the donation account set up with Central Bank; it is set up under The Michelle Malan Santoyo memorial fund. I tried to set up an account with a bigger bank that was in other states but, it was too much $$ and they would require me to have an account with them for a least 1 -3 months first. We have worked out a few different ways you can donate at this bank. The info on the Account is: Routing # 124300327 Account # 100577311, the bank’s address is 415 N State street Orem, Utah 84057. My address is 126 Greenfield Cir, Heber Utah 84032.
Thank you for all of your support!
Ways you can donate:
1. You can take it to ANY Central Bank
2. You can pay it through Bill pay,
just make sure you put the account # on it and the name
3. You can mail it directly to the bank
4. You can mail it to me and I will take it and deposit it in the bank
5. You can wire it to the account; however there is a fee for that.

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