Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A week of heart break

Well~ I don't even know where to start, that is probably why I have written and rewritten this for almost a week! Every time I go to post it something changes or well I just don't know, It almost seems like if I don't post it maybe it will go away.... (yeah, I know better!!)
Sunday night(Jan 31) at around 5 pm Aunt Shel was in a Motorcycle accident! She sustained some MAJOR injuries which she was unable to recover from , Tues Feb 2, 2010 she passed away. I know time will help, but for now that is all I can say.....

The Accident was in California, and because grandma can not travel we are needing to bring her home. Unfortunately, she didn't have any life insurance (that we know of) and the cost to do that is THOUSANDS. So, we are setting up a donation account (more details will be posted tomorrow) so that she can have a funeral here. Her husband is still in the hospital in pretty bad condition (not life threatening)and won't be able to attend her services. So please pray for him at this tough time. We appreciate all of your love and support!
For now we are just truly thankful for life after death, and know she is enjoying every min with the sister she missed so much.....

Mom and Aunt Shel as kids

`til we meet again... we love and miss you both!!


Misty said...

Love you, T!

Ace said...

Oh Tiana, I am so so sorry.

Will you email me your number?


I love you~