Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We had a packed week and house full of visitors. (with a LOT of babies... Tyler and I were in HEAVEN!!!)
I am so very grateful for my family and friends that take time out of their busy lives to come(some hundreds of miles) to visit us. Because let’s face it there are ALWAYS things that need to be done and NEVER enough time to do them. So, to our True Friends and Family …

Aunt Bri and baby Jaerica
aren't they both so sweet?

Some of my cute family...missed the rest of you!

Tyler and Liberty... They were joined at the hip
most of the visit. Tyler REALLY enjoyed her
Then my friend Roper and her 4 kids came to visit from St George. wish more of our pictures turned out but with a house full of crazy kids running around they were kind of blurry :)
Tyler LOVED Mar, she tried to get Roper to leave her with us :)

Brayden and Mac having fun :)

The only down side was that we ALL shared the flu... even Grandma :(
Yep fun times for sure.
I am glad everyone made it home safe and sound and feeling much better!

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