Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So ... I have been slacken' again! And I don't even have the excuse that we have been crazy busy.... just life!
So here is a quick rundown as to what we have been up to ;)
Fishing...Lots and lots of fishing and sometimes lots of catching but mostly lots of waiting :)
Clogging... Lots and Lots and LOTS of clogging, so much in fact my fanny hurts! ( no wonder Tara looks so amazing)
Shopping... All of our school clothes shopping is complete and ready to go. I have a love/hate thing going on with school clothes shopping. It always reminds me just how much my kids have grown from the year before. (Physically and in their opinions) I have also found out my opinion isn't near as important as it use to be :(
Driving... With all the shopping, clogging, and fishing I feel like we spend A LOT of time driving.
So that is basically what we have been up to. Oh, besides WORKING... Trav has done a lot of that lately.... BOO!!!
I will post picture of the "School Clothes Fashion Show" put on by the little miss soon (you might even get a sneak peek at the little man! Only if he doesn't catch me taking pictures of him)... so you will definitely want to check back for that extravaganza :)


Ace said...

Well hello there!!

You totally crack me up and your comments make my day!

I loved catching up on all the happenings I've missed out on the past few months. Your family sure is darling and I can't believe how blond Tyler has gotten!

When are you coming up next? Love to do lunch. It'd be like old times;)

Jared and Melisa said...

Can't wait for the fashion show your little Tyler is so cute! And it sounds like you have been busy enough :)