Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the rain just keeps on coming.....

So after a VERY long day, we finally got to go to bed around midnight. Then at around 1 am this morning I hear a very loud crashing sound coming from grandma's bathroom... NEVER a good thing! Well this was no exception....
2:02 am we finally get her bandaged and back in bed
2:13 am I finally get back to bed (so I can stare at the walls and think)
2:47 am last time I looked at the clock until....
4:41 am get up to help grandma to the bathroom, her foot is hurting her
5:20 am Trav's alarm goes off
5:27 am alarm goes off AGAIN
5:34 am Trav finally drags himself out of bed (poor guy)
5:52 am Trav leaves for work only a little late
6:15 am Brayden's alarm goes off
6:30 am Tyler gets up
7:15 am Brayden leaves for school
8:18 am Pick up neighbor girl and head to school
8:25 am Drop off at school
8:38 am drive by the gym.... feel guilty as I keep on going ( sorry gym)
8:43 am get home to find grandma sleeping...
8:45 am I climb back into bed and take a little nap... I know LAZY!!
9:58 am door bell rings.... DANG IT!!!
I am REALLY hoping the rest of the morning goes a little better :)
3:03 pm update~ we now get to take grandma to the DR.'s to see if she fractured her foot...Poor Grandma!

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Ace said...

If you find nap-land will you let me know? I have been looking every where for it.

Poor Grandma, and poor you guys! But on the plus side...

Blessings galore for y'all!!