Friday, September 3, 2010

So~ I made this ridiculous promise... I would not get all emotional on Brayd's birthday (yeah right ... I know! So I am writing this a few hours early ...just in case!) I am just going to keep it short, It is the only chance I have at keeping my promise!
So here I go ...

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE little man!

I hope you have the best day ever!

Thank you for being such a good boy to your mom and for still letting me “tuck” you in every night.

Thanks for always making me laugh and for trying so hard to be such a good example to everyone around you!

You are the bomb diggity for sure!

Knuckles dude, mom


Megz said...

I like a guy who still lets his mom tuck him in.
Happy Birthday celebrations!

Ace said...

Happy Birthday big guy!

I know you won't like hearing this, but in my heart you'll always stay...

that little corn fed, fuzzy faced monchichi that I absolutely could have gobbled right up!

If you need a shoulder Miss T--
I am here.

Love ya