Friday, October 15, 2010

So last night was AWFUL!!!
Poor grandma got so sick, I felt awful for her! She was throwing up everywhere every 20 mins or so, it was heartbreaking! And even though I felt terrible that didn’t stop my OCD germaphobic self from kicking it in to high gear!
Trav and I were snuggled up by the fire talking about how sad it was. When I told him we had to open all the windows and cool this place off so that it would kill all the bacteria, never mind that we had already gone through a entire can of Lysol… Hey it even says right on the can “only kills 99.9%” (ok maybe it doesn’t say ONLY… but that is what they mean) so I needed to hurry and get rid of the other .1%
Needless to say it was a very long night … poor grandma didn’t stop throwing up until around 4 am and we all froze our behinds off all night (it will be a small price to pay if no one else gets sick. RIGHT?) And this morning Tyler and I went at it with the bleach…. It is kind of nice to have a sidekick who understands.
Now all we can do is pray no one else gets sick!! PLEASE!

And for the record... YES I know it is not normal to freak out over germs!
And YES I know I go a little overboard when someone does get sick!
And YES I have tried to just let it go (note that I was snuggling on the couch with Trav for a while before I just couldn't take it anymore)
But even knowing all that, I still can’t just NOT do something!!!!
I Know I need help….


Megz said...

Just the other day I was wondering how I would live without my containers of Clorox Wipes all over the house...You're not alone in your paranoia!

Allison said...

sounds normal to me. I guess I need help to then.

Jen said...

How is Grandma doing now? You are such a great example, Tiana! Love you.

Misty said...

Germaphobes rule. Glad work isn't too hard on you, and hope it goes well with trav's new business!