Sunday, October 31, 2010


Man, where has the time gone???
Here are just a few things we have been up to

Kamas pool with friends over fall break
Boys practicing their Karate
Tyler was a lunch helper
She also had fun making her dad a Mohawk
Tyler got this for her Birthday and
she begs me every day to just let her take it to the bus stop. She doesn't even take the bus
but she is SURE she could make a killing there!
We have also been cutting wood, tons and tons of wood,(Why don't we have pictures of that?)
and finishing our basement.
We are hoping to set up Trav's office down there SOON! This working at the kitchen table is NO fun for anyone!
We are almost there,the carpet is getting installed THIS week.... HOORAY!


Anonymous said...

Brayden - GREAT job on your bike rides!! you are one tough cookie (you must get that from Dad (Trav) I am so happy you enjoy all the fun things you two get to do together! I miss you tons!! Even though you are too old to snuggle ;( I will ALWAYS sneak you food while you are in bed I love you
Tyler- HAHAHA you just crack me up. no matter WHAT when i look at your pictures, and especially when i am with you, i laugh till my eyes water!! you are so sassy, and so sweet!! you make my day!!!!
I can't wait (TELL HER YOUR MOM TO SEND MY BAGS...for my bday of course) to see my duct tape bags! I have told everyone about them!!
Love you so much!! <3 HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU BOTH
Aunt Bri and Liberty
Hi Tee and Trav

Ace said...

A girl after my own heart!

Tyler- When I was about your age, I too asked for a candy machine. Oh how eager I was to fill it with all sorts of goodies and make a haul off of all the neighborhood children! Sad truth was that my older (rotten) brother decided to bust into it every other day, taking all the candy along with any money I had collected in my lovely red carousel machine. Ultimately all of his 'break-ins' resulted in his stripping the bolts and ruining my machine, rendering it entirely useless-- and therefor killing my dreams of ever becoming rich.

I hope your brother is not rotten, and all your entrepreneurial dreams come true!!!

p.s. I think you're on to something with that bus stop idea!