Sunday, October 9, 2011

This year Tyler had 2 ½ birthday parties, one with her friends from Heber and one with her friends from Santaquin/Payson (and a half of a party with us).

This was the Family Party. We went to Shakey's (a pizza place in AF).
She LOVED it and her favorite pizza was the S'mores :)

I just can’t believe My Little Miss is 10! I am also having a hard time believing she is in Middle School this year. On her Birthday I asked her what was her favorite part about being in the double digits? (Because you know that is the MOST important part about turning 10!) she said her favorite part was she is FINALLY not the only 9 year old in her WHOLE school!!! 
She was hoping we would let her get a face book account now that she is 10, but after talking about it we (Tyler included) decided she should wait just a little longer for FB and text. I guess we (Trav and I) are just not ready to let her grow up that fast, besides she is just fine using mine from time to time.  The other thing she REALLY wanted was a doll with REAL hair, you know the kind you can curl with a curling iron and it won’t melt. Anyone who knows Tyler knows she LOVES to play with hair she will drag her poor friends, brother, brother’s friends, neighbors, and anyone that will let her down to the salon or anywhere else just to do their hair. She is actually pretty darn good. So a doll with real hair was just what she needed.

This was her first Party with her Heber friends and like a stupid (or very sick)
mom that I was I didn't get a picture with all of them together. :(
She had fun and I guess that is all that matters.

She is one happy girl!
She spends HOURS doing her hair. You can curl it ,wash it (and it doesn't get all tangled)
and start all over again. Yep, it is the PERFECT doll!

2nd party that went all night long!

They made fruit/candy pizza

Did really cool nails

And of course each other's hair.
I didn't get pictures, but they also clogged,
 Clogged, CLOGGED ALL night long!!


Misty said...

lucky! Our birthday parties always involve pirates and Star Wars and fighting and mayhem. No toenails, no hair... guess I'll have to bribe my way into my niece's birthday parties when they get older so I can get a little girl time!

Candace said...

I've missed you too old friend!

And thank you for posting this so that Madi can see that she's not the only tween in the world without a cell phone and facebook account.

Good grief!