Friday, May 31, 2013

Last day of school 2012/2013

This year the last day of school was even more bitter sweet then it usually is.
The kids had to leave early because we had an appointment at Primary Children's for Brayd's tumor :(
I have a feeling that our whole summer is going to be a lot like this... as long as we can get this taken care of I am good with taking all summer.

How in the world did my baby grow up so fast?
I can't believe he is already finished with his first year of High School!
He had a great year.
Even though it started out a little rocky, he had an amazing year,
 made some great friends
and LOVED every min of being on the swim team!

Well, she is officially in Jr High...
sigh, sniff, eat lots of chocolate, but what ever you do DON'T CRY!!!!!
Tyler was lucky enough to have the same 6th grade teacher as Brayd
 and Tyler loved her just as much as he did :)
This Little Miss is too smart for her own good
 She made it from K-6th grade with the highest score you can get!
( all E's A's and 4's)
Lover her and her sassy pants!

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