Friday, May 31, 2013

Update: After meeting with 4 or 5 Dr’s today here is what we know; it does NOT appear to be life threatening… Happy news! More good news is that Brayden has PERFECT eyes one of the Dr.’s told him and the other Dr we were being passed off to and she said that was a HUGE compliment because she doesn’t say perfect very often. Brayd was pretty excited about that! The not so happy news is that he has a... pretty good size tumor that started in the very back of his eye socket and has been there for a while they think, because it is starting to erode the bone? (Something like that.) It looks like it is growing forward, but for now they believe it is not cancerous, only because it has been there for a while. We will meet with a surgeon on the 10th after they have had a chance to pow wow about all of the test to see what is next. We are praying we don’t get a call from them before the 10th because that means something worse has shown up. So Prayers for no early phone calls! They said if nothing new shows up we are looking at a biopsy to make sure it is cancer free and to find out exactly what it is. Best case is they will try to shrink it with chemo or radiation (yes they use that for things other than cancer) that will be the least risky, but if needs be we will have it removed. They said that comes with a little more risk, because of where it is at and how far back it is. For now we are just thankful to kind of have a plan. Thank you so very much for all of the prayers and well wishes. Please keep them coming. Brayd has been amazing through all of this. I am lucky to be the mom of such good kids.feeling blessed with Travis J. Daley.

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