Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Troop Beverly Hills all the way!!!!

This is are way of camping. If you want to go hiking ,well you just start walking up the trail. If you want to sit in front of a fire and sing camp songs, go right ahead they have fire places(in room) or fire pits(randomly placed outside through out the resort) take your pick. you can BBQ ,dutch oven or use the full kitchen in your room. And the swimming if you ask the kids is out of this world!!!! They love to go up when it is snowing outside. They think there is nothing cooler then swimming in the snow.(don't worry the pool is heated in the winter)Any way to make a long story short we are wimps.............so this is how we love to relax and camp. Isn't this beautiful!!!!
the kids love the waterfall
Trav relaxing by the pool reading his book
Brayden diving in
Tyler doing her version of a dive she likes feet first !!!!


amynewby said...

Wow! That place is gorgeous!! Is it a timeshare? that looks very much like my idea of camping too! what book was trav reading? (if i ask a question in someone's blog, i'll click on the email follow up comment so you can just answer here) the kids pics on the sidebar are great!

Anonymous said...

Amy,so glad to hear from you!!!Trav was reading Breaking Dawn(shhhh, Don't tell)No, he really enjoyed them. It was fun to see things from a male perspective. Yes we have a time share in Park City and we love it!!!!! Some may say wimpy...... we say it's the best. It's a nice get away that is not to far from home. Thank you for all of you help with the side bar thing. It is still a work in progress.

The Daley Life said...

Sorry, I don't know why the last comment said ananymous said.... Like I said I still don't know what I am doing half the time. So I will try again if it still says anonymous, well it is just blog challanged me!


The Daley Life said...

Apparently spelling challenged (this time spelled right)too!!!!!