Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tyler ReNae

Tyler has also had a very busy year so far. She completed 1st grade, level 2 in swimming , clogging, her 1st year in softball and she has taken on the piano (I must say she is doing very well).Oh, yes sorry she has also lost 2 teeth !!! She is 6 going on 30, and loving every minute of it. You will be seeing a lot more pictures of what this girl is up to. She loves to send,see,and take pictures of anything and everything. When we get a little better at this we will post more often.

She lost a tooth on 5/26/08 !!! This is the 2nd one I think, but just as exciting

Tyler 1st grade

Tyler was on the Phillies this year, she was the catcher and loved it!!!!!!!!

up to bat

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Burke and Teresa said...

The Blog looks great! I am glad you started and I Love the post about the dog :).