Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is Tyler's little buddy Jax,though we share him the kids think he is the greatest . Tyler wouldn't allow me to skip this most exciting news. Here are a few pictures of him growing up. The last one is of Tyler teaching Jax to sit and shake. She has also taught him to lay , kennel, up and go get it!!!! She is very proud of herself for being such a good teacher and Jax for being so SMART. (as she puts it)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Banunee

Jax looks so cute and so do you!!! You did a GREAT job teaching Jax. He is so good at shaking even better than Rox!!!

Love you
Aunt Shel

Brianne said...

look how big you are tyler renae! I love your puppy he is very cute!! I miss you and love you!!
love aunt bri