Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Way to go Brayden!!!!

For any of you that know about Brayden's Learning Technics , Then you know this is a BIG deal!!!! I am so proud of him (and Trav) for all of their hard work, commitment and patience. It has been a long pain staking 27 weeks (6 days a week with no breaks) but, It has definitely paid off. Thank you so much to everyone who as helped, encouraged, supported and been a shoulder to cry on. ( for everyone involved) Brayden has come out of this with so much. I will forever be in awe at his abilities and strength. I am so thank full to Trav for his continued love, support,time,and his never ending patience. I love my amazing family!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yes and I am also proud of Tyler for her willingness to be understanding and quiet while Brayden worked on this week after week . He did It :) !!!!!
Brayden with Susan

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Misha said...

Hey Brayden!

It is so cool that you achieved your goal! I am proud of you dude!

Aunt Shel