Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where did the Days (Years) go?????

As the kids Birthdays approached we were thinking of how fast they have grown up!!!! It seems like just yesterday they were little. So being the crazy mom that I am, I found a few (not even a 1/100th) pictures I thought you would like. Now, normally I am not a baby but everyone knows when it comes to my kids(& Trav) well..........I'm hopeless. For all of you that see them a lot you too will be in shock at how fast they have grown. And for those of you who only remember them this way(because it has been so long since you have seen them)well then this whole Blog has been a shock to you. Either way Enjoy!!!!!!

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Daun said...

Cute pic's T. They have grown SO fast, I cant believe Brayden is 11!