Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lunch at Olive Garden and a sleep over

I do this every time SO Sorry, I always post them backwards. So read the one just below this one first :( . Any way, we all went to lunch at Olive Garden had a wonderful lunch and opened presents; then we went back to Boondocks until 8 pm. Then we had a sleep over with Kirst and Cody. Watched Troop Beverly Hills (of course, Kirsten's fav)and ate Fat sticks with Cheese and ranch ( another Kirsten fav) Thanks to everyone who made this such a great day!!!! Just waiting our turn to golf
Brayden opening his present....... a bionicle
Tyler's turn ........ a baby boy (her fav kind) that drinks and wets!!!!!
The sleep over :)
Time to say good bye.

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