Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 1

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up . Well our first theme week this summer was Nature. The week started off great and then as Nature would have it some of our activities got rained out :( Like Brayden said "that's Nature for ya" guess we did learn a lot about it, NEVER trust it will be good!!!!!! We did however get to enjoy a few nice days and we had a special visitor. So life is good .

We enjoyed a nice movie out side
(Horton hears a who)
But, then we got RAINED OUT for our picnic up the canyon. So we had to enjoy our hot dogs, smores, and salad at home. (NOT as fun I was told, but we did smell better than if we had gone up the canyon)

Nice day at the Zoo, where we learned tons about nature!!!

And don't for get the ball games, lots and lots of ball games.

We also caught lots of bugs, went for walks, and sat at the window and watch natures wondrous power ( as Brayden calls it ) thunder and lighting.

But the real high light of the week was Aunt Kirsten came down and spent a few days with us . We LOVE it when she comes down!!!!!
She is such a good Aunt to drive 6 hours so she can watch the kids play ball (in the rain)

This is an extra special picture,because do you see how BEAUTIFUL Kirst's hair looks ?!?
Well , It was done by our super talented hair stylist....... MISS TYLER.
She was so proud of herself, and Kirst was such a good sport to wear it all day!!!!! THANK YOU

I would have more pictures but, I was having some technical difficulties :(


Ace said...

Ooooh fun! We wanna join you for your next outdoor movie extravaganza!

Your sister looks amazing by the way. Does Tyler take new clients?

Megz said...

I was trying hard to figure out what movie you watched outside but my eyes started to hurt.
Looks like the rain didn't dampen too many of your fun activities, thank goodness!

Keli and Mike said...

Oh my goodness Tiana, it's been a long time! How are you? Your kids are getting so big!