Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brayden is AMAZING!!!!

Warning: There is LOTS of Bragging about this kid so, if you get offended by mom's gushing over there kids STOP reading now !!!!!

(Just a few pictures of Brayden's accomplishments this year, and just a few memories of this cute boy!!!)

Brayden has worked so stinkin' hard this year, and he has done it ........ He got STRAIGHT A's ALL YEAR! Now for you that know what a challenge this has been for him, the pride is probably over whelming (I know how you feel) I can guarantee you that he has earned every one of those A's with blood, sweat, and A LOT of tears! It seems like only yesterday we were all in tears wondering if he was ever going to read. Now he is in 5th grade and is getting straight A's. I am in awe at his determination, and ability to over come his struggles.
He is such a great example to me. I hope he will continue to keep it up, and remember what a great kid he is !!!!
(no matter what others may say)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dude! You ROCK!!!! You worked so hard and so you get a big fat HUZZAH!!!!!! from me.

Love you, Aunt Shel

Ace said...


He is so freakin' big and adorable to boot! Seems like just yesterday that we were gobbling his sumo legs and all of the sudden..

Shazzam!--he's a super stud. That is evidence that you are one heck of a good mama. By all means-be proud, and give yourself an honest pat on the back while you're at it.

And you are summer will hardly be complete until we've hung out: )

Megz said...

I love success stories. Good job Brayden! It's great to see kids make progress and his pix are so cute.