Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 2 and 3

Sorry, it has taken me so long again.The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy.(and rainy) Our projects we are just finishing up for the last few weeks we like to call "SECRET SERVICE"one week was for friends and neighbors and this week is for our family. It is kind of nice when the kids go around just waiting for an opportunity to do something nice for each other!
We picked a few people and tried to do nice things for them without them knowing,(hence the no pictures posted) like pick up garbage the wind blew all over, make cookies and leave them on their porch, clean up their yard when they are not home, ect. It was a lot of fun and we even got other opportunities we weren't expecting. The Bishop's wife asked our family if we would do hygiene kits, so we did that for FHE, they turned out nice and colorful (bright orange for the hand towels) and because the kids have been to Mexico they understood the need for the kits.
Then my S.I.L. needed someone to watch her kids for her, and we were lucky enough to get to do that. My kids enjoyed playing with their cousins, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the kids too. It was kind of nice to have a baby in the house for a while, and she was so GOOD!!!!!

She was happy the whole time!!!!
He loved the LOVE SAC!!
He spent lots of time doing tricks off it.
The girls made cookies all by themselves,and they were delicious!!!! Trav took some to work the next day, and all the guys wanted more, they said they were the BEST PB cookies they have ever had ! (the chocolate ones never even made it out of the house)
Tyler was quite pleased.

Then we had a few B-Ball games (we had a lot rained out too)
so now we have to make them up :(

Tyler loves to be the catcher. So, I had to sneak a picture of her in her gear.

I just thought this one was cute. She is so determined!


Daun said...

Let me tell you....this S.I.L. really, really appreciated the very kind offer to watch my four busy children too. Seriously. It was a life saver.
Thanks so much, they had a ball, but I do want the recipe to those yummy cookies-both the chocolate and PB! Thanks again, and I'm glad I was a recipient of your service! Love, Crazy Aunt Daun

Ace said...


Yes, my dear friend, I remember almost everything from "The Box."

Sadly, I JUST parted ways with our beloved treasures this spring in an effort to comply with operation 'pack-rat-no-more.' Can you believe I've had it this long though?

Tomato peel, blue bandana and all.

Those truly were the days!
Thanks for all those cherished memories.

Misty said...

I LOVE the theme weeks for summer. That's such a great idea. And it's awesome that you did service for one of them. Tell Brayden good job on the straight A's. And for mad science week you could always go up to the planetarium or children's museum up by the gateway, or make a good old-fashioned baking soda and vinegar volcano. ;)

Megz said...

What good ideas.
I think I'd jump onto that love sac too!