Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school and a lost tooth

How cute are they? And they even match! (not on purpose) This years was extra special because, Trav got to come with us to take the kids on their first day!!
Then that night Tyler lost her tooth! (what a BIG day)
Stayed tune because she has 2 other loose teeth and Brayden has 3, so I am sure in the next few months there will be lots of post with lost teeth :)


digisnips said...

you two look great! hope you meet all kinds of good friends and enjoy school! Miss and love you! Aunt Shel

Megz said...

Cute, big kids! Good luck at the new schools.

amynewby said...

pretty view of the mountain! the beginning of a new school year is always tough, and in a new one too. hope everyone is adjusting well, including you! it's super hard on the mommies too!